As March is approaching, we decided to give you a guide on where to go to Albania in March. Albania is a beautiful country with a lot to offer for each season. Our slogan at Sondor Travel is A Reason For Every Season that’s how we describe Albania and Us.

Are you planning to visit Albania in the spring? Moreover, are you planning to visit Albania in March but you don’t know where to go and what to see. Don’t Worry Be Happy. We have for you the Top 7 places to visit in Albania in March, and we promise you won’t regret checking the paces on our list.


1st on the Top 7 places to visit in Albania in March: Elbasan

Elbasan is literally of our top 5 places to visit in March. Elbasan is the town where the summer day celebration began. And I am going to explain to you why in detail.

In ancient times when people used to believe in fairies and magic, there was a place close to the Elbasan district where a fairy lived. She was the fairy of the hunt, forest, and wild animals. She would live in a temple and would come out every year on 14th march with the beginning of the summer to hunt for the winter. From then, this legend has passed on to newer generations year after year.

And since Elbasan is where it started, Elbasan is the city that should be visited for the summer day. Moreover, back in the day kids would go home to home and ask for sweets. However, they would not get only sweets, but also boiled eggs, money, and cake. While the parents and grandparents would wake up early and open their doors and windows for luck and a better summer with more healthy crops.

In Elbasan, this celebration is done in the city center, with music, traditional summer day dessert, and flowers, lots of flowers.

Meanwhile, in Elbasan, you should visit the Castle of Elbasan, which is the 15th-century castle where the walls are still well preserved. Within the walls, you can see the old town which may be a little newer than you expect it.

On March 14, visit Elbasan, try Ballokume (Elbasan’s traditional dessert) and enjoy the summer-ish atmosphere.

top 5 places to visit in albania in march

2nd on the Top 7 places to visit in Albania in March is Tirana

Tirana itself is a place that you should take more time to explore. A beautiful city, with a Mediterranean climate. Tirana is 100 years old capital and as a place is older. In Tirana is a must, to visit Bunk’art the communist bunker that is a museum now. Moreover, Scanderbeg Square is inevitable while in Tirana. All the roads lead to Scanderbeg Square. 

You should try the longest cable car ride in the Balkans, that of Mountain Dajti. Before you do that make sure it’s not windy because you are going to have a good scare. Also, visit the house of leaves. The house of leaves is a museum on the methods that communism used to spy on people.  Explore the grand park of the Artificial lake that is the greenest area inside Tirana. Moreover, there is more to see in Tirana. Make sure to explore Tirana before leaving Albania.

top 5 places to visit in albania in march

3rd on our List of Top places to visit in Albania in March: Berat

Berat is the town of 1001 windows and rows upon rows. Moreover, this town has it all. We recommend you to count the windows, visit the ancient castle of Berat that has a beautiful story. Find out about the legends of Berat and explore the Mangalemi old town’s street. Discover the Holy Trinity Church and check out the beautiful views from there. 

Also, in Berat, you should also visit the Ethnographic museum which gives you an insight into life in Berat and the red mosque is a must. Do not hesitate to visit Berat. You will love the culture, tradition, and history of the place.

top 5 places to visit in albania in march

4th on our list of Top places to visit in Albania in March: Kruja

Kruja one of the most historic places in Albania. It has a history as old as time, and the national Albanian hero built his castle there. Overlooking the valley, thereupon the hill stands what used to be a castle. The walls and ruins of a country’s history.

Moreover, there you will find the old bazaar where you can find Albanian souvenirs and most of them are handmade. The place has a nice atmosphere and just a few km from Kruja is the national park of Qafshtama where you can do a day hike or you can hike towards Sari Saltik the temple which is located on the top of the hill where the town of Kruja lays.

Visit Kruja for more beautiful attractions.

top 5 places to visit in albania in march

5th on our list of Top 7 places to visit in Albania in March: Shkoder

Shkodra is a beautiful town located in Northern Albania, with so much history and culture to offer. Moreover, Shkodra withholds a legend too. That of the castle of Rozafa. However, the castle is very beautiful but not the only attraction in Shkoder.

In Shkodra you will find the Mesi Bridge which is a beautiful ancient bridge with 16 stone arches over the river. When traveling to Albania make sure you visit Shkodra and its history. Shkodra is a town of historical importance because of its strategic point. It comprises the Albanian Alps but also the sea, the lake, and the river.

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6th on the list of top 7 places to visit in Albania

A list with the best places to visit in Albania wouldn’t be complete without Korca. Korça lies at the foot of Morava mountain next to an ancient Illyrian settlement. By the early middle Ages, Korça was a bustling urban center. Among it’s most breathtaking developments are a 9th century orthodox church and a 15th century mosque. The orthodox church has since been remodeled and is a beautiful place to visit.

The old Korça Bazaar has great early historical, cultural and artistic value for the city. The bazaar is characterized by one and two story buildings in classic Korça style, separated by narrow cobbled streets that open onto a central square—the Bazaar is sure to attract the attention of visitors.

In past centuries, the bazaar has functioned as a market for trade not just within Albania, but also from Turkey, Greece, Trieste and Venice. It [has] row of inns, including the Old Elbasan and Old Monastery Inn, which served to host travelers visiting the market from outside the city. The market reached its apex during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with more than 1,000 stores.

With so many shops, the bazaar was like a city within a city. The two parts of the bazaar were separated by the old river and linked by two wooden bridges, while the main road through the city crossed the river on a vaulted stone bridge that rose above the shops.

Over the course of its history, the bazaar was burnt down three times, to be built again. The entire complex underwent a complete renovation in 2015, planting the seed for a historical, economic, and touristic transformation not just for the city but for the region. The renovation has returned the bazaar to its original historical image, returning its historical and cultural value.

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Gjirokastra is the 7th/7 places to visit in Albania in March

Gjirokastra is one best places to visit in Albania. Called the “stone town”, it is of particular interest for its native architecture. The characteristic houses are built one above the other around the fortress which looks like a huge battleship. In fact, even the houses look like small fortresses in themselves.

From the outside, they perfectly combine roughness with the beauty of windows, small rooms, and small, light pillars supporting the roofs. Their most attractive and unique feature is the intricate stonework. UNESCO has included Gjirokaster as a world property of cultural heritage and protection, reflecting even more this city’s cultural significance.

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