Rozafa Castle

Growing up in an Albanian household has made me hear so many stories and legends about my country. I always wondered how did people come up with these stories and why such legends are still around, but they always intrigued me to go and visit these places as often as I could. One of my […]

Kosovo Tours

There is a new country that has existed for years in Europe, Kosovo. In the heart of the Balkans, the stunning landscape of Kosovo, the generosity of the people, the charming towns, and the beautiful hiking spots invite you to explore this country. We have collected for you some tailor-made Kosovo Tours. We want to […]

Best Places to Visit in Tirana

This article is based on one of Albania’s best journalists, Blendi Fevziu‘s talk show “Opinion“. This article will show you some of the best places to visit in Tirana all year round. Some of these places might be known to you, but we have more to provide in this article. Tirana being the capital of […]

Blue Eye Albania – Know Before You Go

Blue Eye Albania is one of Albania’s most famous attractions. The Blue Eye is a natural phenomenon where the turquoise and green colors of water amaze every visitor. It is a spring of water that gushes furiously from the depths of the unknown to the surface. You can see the water rumbling from your point […]

Albania Travel Restrictions COVID-19

COVID-19 Albania Travel Advice Covid-19 Testing in Albania Albania Entry and Exit Requirements for COVID-19 The Albanian Government has issued the following protocol to all foreigners who will visit Albania in 2021. For all citizens travelling through the Albanian territory by land: For all citizens travelling to Albania by sea: They should consult the Albanian […]