Albania is a 28,748 km² area located on the Balkan Peninsula. This means it is located on the European continent. Albania is a beautiful country enjoying a Mediterranean climate. The Albania Tours Article will show ou te best tours in Albania.

The Adriatic Sea surrounds the Northern part of Albania stretching further into Montenegro and Croatia. On the southern part, it is surrounded by the Ionian Sea which continues on to Greece.

Is Albania Safe for tourists?

Albania is one of the safest countries in Europe. It has a low crime rate and it is a welcoming and inviting country and the locals are very hospitable people. Tourism is one of the most flourishing activities in Albania. While you have to be cautious in public transport. Albania is still safer than most countries in the world.

What is Albania most known for?

– Beaches

Albania is famous for its beautiful beaches and stunning coastal landscape. Albania’s rugged coastline has a lot of traditional villages that are settled in beautiful bays. The beaches are lapped by turquoise waters. You will find the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea in Albania, you will find the Mediterranean climate and the sandy and pebbly beaches that lie in a 476 km coastline.

– Mountains

Albania is a mountainous country as much of it’s surface is mountainous. The highest peak is Mount Korab, which is 2753 m above sea level.

– Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa born in Macedonia on August 26, 1910, was of Albanian descent. Her name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She is the only Albanian to win a Nobel prize.

– Bunkers

Thousand of abandoned bunkers dominate the Albanian landscape. And you can find them almost everywhere and are almost completely forgotten or ignored by the people who seem to live in peace with the past. (and that’s good). The past is just a reminder of what we endured and how we can become better and that’s what is happening in Albania. Money was spent on these concrete mushrooms and people should make use of that. These bunkers nowadays belong to the Ministry of Defense.

What money is used in Albania?

The Albanian currency is LEK (ALL). The currency was named Lek to honor Alexander the Great (the Great Leka in Albanian).

What are the Albanian culture and hospitality like?

Albania is one of the most hospitable countries in Europe. They see their guest as sacred. The Albanian people are very open and friendly towards foreigners.

Is Albania expensive to visit?

Albania is very affordable. Albania is a very cheap destination where you can have the holidays of your dreams without spending a fortune. You can travel around at a very cheap price.

How much is a cup of coffee in Albania

In Albania where the cafe culture is huge. A cup of coffee/espresso in Albania starts from 50cent 60ALL to 150ALL.

Is English widely spoken in Albania?

English is the second most widely spoken language in Albania after Albanian, but Albanian people know Italian, Greek and some of them Spanish as well.

What is the best time to visit Albania

We as Sondor Travel have a saying a reason for every season. Albania has every season, and you can travel to Albania whenever you want.

Discovering Albania

We will show you in this blog some of the best Albania tours you can choose while discovering Albania.

While traveling around it’s difficult to explore and discover everything. And traveling to Albania is quite difficult because the most beautiful things about Albania are hidden. However, going on a day tour will help you discover those hidden gems of this beautiful country.

Best Cultural Albania Tours

Berat Day Tour from Tirana, Albania

This day tour of Berat will show you the best of the best of Berat. You will learn about the history of Berat, the mythological story of the mountains where Berat is settled and you’ll get to see some beautiful places around this UNESCO Protected Site.

Berat is very beautiful and many people know it for its characteristic ottoman houses that are settled rows upon rows unveiling the 1001 windows. The city of 1001 windows it’s what the people call Berat, and why you are going to learn it in this tour. The old bridge that creates a picturesque view, the castle, and the three parts of this town are worth a visit.

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Albania Tour

Tirana and Kruja in a Day Tour, Albania

This day trip of Tirana and Kruja will leave you speechless. Not only you will have the chance to explore 2 in 1 day, but you will learn some beautiful stories.

Kruja is one of the oldest towns in Albania, it is known for it’s historical values of the nation. Kruja is the Birthplace of the Albanian National Hero. You will see the ruins of his castle and the museum that is entirely dedicated to this noble man and hero. Moreover, you will get to see how Albanians lived from the ancient times to now in the Ethnographic Museum.

But the trip doesn’t end here, you will get the experience of seeing the old bazaar of handmade crafts. This place is unique in style, with cobble stone streets and wooden doors and windows. From the bazaar you can see the city of Kruja which creates a panoramic view as it’s located on top of the hill.

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However, Kruja is not the only place you will visit in this day trip. The tour starts in Tirana, the capital of Albania that has many important landmarks but it’s history cannot be erased. In Tirana you can walk through the Scanderbeg Square which holds proudly the monument of the national hero Scanderberg. Also, from the Scanderbeg Square you can see the famous Clock Tower of Tirana, and on the other side settles the National History Museum, where the mosaic of Mother Albania stands proudly over the years. The museum offers an insight of Albania’s past.

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Book this tour and discover the marvels of Albania.

Gjirokasta, Full Day Tour

This one is very special to me. Gjirokastra has the most beautiful castle I have ever seen, considering I have travelled around Europe and I have seen many castles. This castle dates back to the middle of the XIII century and it’s well preserved.

It was like a city back then and you will see it when you visit it. The castle stands on top of the hill overlooking all the town and had a strategic point during the invasions because it’s overlooking the valley below. However, nowadays you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and you can see the city of Gjirokastra that is settled on the other side of the castle.

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Gjirokaster Albania Day Tour

Anyway, Gjirokastra has the beautiful history of Argyro, who jumped from the castle with her child to escape the Ottomans. But, also the beautiful houses that are in characteristic Albanian architecture. One of the most beautiful houses in Gjirokastra is going to be our next destination after the castle.

The Skenduli house offers you an insight of life in Gjirokaster, the simplicity and traditional way of doing things. Also, the Ethnographic Museum is the house of the Communist leader Enver Hoxha and in the museum you can see the way how the Albanian houses were back in time.

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Shkodra Day Trip from Tirana

 Shkodra, the small city that is surrounded by the beauty of the Accursed Mountains. It’s beauty is mirrored in the Lake Skadar, making Shkodra look like a fairytale. The history of Shkodra’s castle itself is a fairytale. In this day trip of Shkodra you will learn the beautiful history of the Rozafa Castle, and you will see a city of culture and tradition. The Rozafa Castle dates back in the time when people used to believe in fairytales and ghosts more than today. The story of an unfortunate girl who gave up her life for this castle to be built.

The History Museum of Shkodra offers you an insight about the Albanian tradition and culture. Moreover, you will be amazed about what this little city has to offer to you.

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Butrint Albania Day Tour

The Butrint day trip from Saranda will take you to discover one of the most extraordinary sites in the Mediterranean. Explore the ruins of the old city of Buthrotum (Butrint), walk through the ancient monuments. Find how Butrint is a unique place. As can be seen, it went from a Venetian tower to Hellenic and Roman ruins.

Located in the South of Albania, Butrint is one of the most important archaeological sites of Albania. It’s is well preserved and has a beautiful history that it’s a must to hear. The hill where it is set is surrounded by Lake Butrint and green vegetation. In essence, it’s more than an important landmark. In the meantime, it’s one of the largest archaeological parks in Albania and probably in the Balkans.

If you like the beach and history this is one of the places you should visit. As it is close to the Ionian Riviera. And not to forget to mention, it was mentioned in the Aeneid Poem as the lofty city of Buthrotum. Grasp the amazing view and history as you visit some of the finest well preserved monuments of the site. Learn the Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian history of the once important trading post.

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Best Hiking Albania Tours

Peaks of the Balkans

The Peaks of Balkans tour explores the beauty of the Albanian Alps, the lushness of the Belegu, Decani, and Bogicevica pastures in Kosovo and Montenegro, and everything in between. It is a great hiking trail for group tours.

We will begin with a guided walk in Tirana, the capital of Albania. This day tour of Tirana offers you a different insight into the capital of Albania. Tirana is a city full of energy and adventure. The more time you spend walking the streets of the city, the more experiences you will stumble upon.

Then, we will take a boat tour of Koman Lake. In the lake are built 3 hydroelectric power plants, which produce about 70 % of Albania’s electric needs. Bradt Guides consider it “One of the world’s great boat trips”. From the quaint village of Tropojë, we follow the shepherd’s trails up to Sylbicë Alpine Huts. There you feel like you are truly among the stars.

In the next few days we will explore the alpine pastures of Kosovo and Montenegro, before a return to Albania. The mountain-ridge walks between the Valbona Valley and Theth Valley epitomize the Peaks of the Balkans tour. There, at the altitude of 1815 m, you can see the panorama of both valleys before you. Both peaks are considered as the miracle of the Alps.

This is going to be a spectacular journey for you.

Walking in Northern Albania

Albania Hiking Tour combines walking with cultural discovery. In this way, you can experience the best of Albania’s nature and culture. Albania Hiking Tour will immerse you in the local traditions of Albania’s highlands as we walk through the National Parks of Valbona and Theth. The walks are of moderate difficulty so the tour is great for many travelers. We will also get the chance to visit the town of Prizren in Kosovo. Another highlight is the UNESCO city of Berat which dates from the 4th century BC. Albanians know Berat as the city of ‘Thousand Windows’ because of its distinctive Ottoman architectural style.

Trekking the Hidden Trails of Albania

In Albania Trekking Tour we follow some of the least explored trails of the Northern Albanian Alps. It is a great tour for experienced travelers who would enjoy the beauty of the Alpine Pastures. Even though we provide blankets and mattresses in the huts, you might feel more comfortable bringing your sleeping bag.

Best Cycling Albania Tours

Bike and Food Tour

Albania Bike and Food Tour combine some of the best cycling routes in Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia. It includes visits in two of the UNESCO sites, Ohrid and Berat. Enjoy shopping in Kruja’s old bazaar and taste the diverse local cuisine as well as the Mediterranean delights. In this Bike and food tour, you will explore and discover the best of Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia. Moreover, you will visit all the best places and try the best food. All the while having a good time touring these countries with a bicycle.

It’s food and adventure combined with great views, important cities, fascinating history, and fresh air. This tour is to promote local food and eco traveling. It gives you the opportunity to not pollute the atmosphere as the bike is the best mean of transport that helps the planet. But also, you will help the planet by eating locally grown food which is the traditional Albanian, Kosovan, and Macedonian food. Discover 3 countries in 10 days, while you will get good exercise and help your health improve. Your lungs and stomach and whole body will thank you after this 10 days bike and food tour in Albania Kosovo and Macedonia.

There are many reasons why you should choose this tour which you are going to discover when you are experiencing it. Moreover, do not hesitate to book it now.

Northern Albania Cycling

This 8 Days Northern Albania Cycling tour explores Albania’s culture, culinary traditions and historic sites. It also explores the impressive landscape of the Alps. Cycle along interesting villages around Tirana and taste the local Kokomani wine. Then take a boat tour through Koman Lake. Sleep in guesthouses and experience the local hospitality of Northern Albania. We will also have 1 day of walking from Valbona to Theth which is one of the highlights of Albania. There we will experience an impressive panorama of the Albanian Alps.

Cycling from the Lake to the Mediterranean

Albania Cycling Tour will take you to the Southern part of Albania and its natural beauties. In 8 days you will get to cycle and immerse yourself in the magnificent landscapes of Albania. We will transport your luggage day by day and handle all the logistics for you so that you can focus on your cycling. Meanwhile, you will enjoy the rich cuisine, local living, the great outdoors, and the pebble beaches of the Ionian Sea.

Snow Albania Tours

Snowshoeing Package in Albania

Snowshoeing in Albania is one of those Albania tours you might not like to miss. It combines great mountain scenery and unique insights into the local culture.  Also, don’t miss the fantastic snowshoeing routes in the Alps. One of the days you will be snowshoeing across the border into Kosovo.

Snowshoeing in Albania and Kosovo

Our “Snowshoeing in Albania” tour will take you to the best snowshoeing routes in the Albanian Alps. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the mountain scenery and the delicious homemade food that Albania and Kosovo have to offer. So, escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the local culture, history, and natural marvels of Northern Albania!

Summer in Albania Holiday Packages

Albanian Riviera – 7 Days

Albania offers great hospitality, fantastic cuisine, amazing culture, and a rugged mountainous landscape along with the most amazing coastlines perfect for those who love adventure and nature and a great riviera. Moreover, Albania has a great coast which includes blue crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, pebbly beaches, and amazing views.

The Albanian Riviera is a must to see once in your lifetime. While the riviera was discovered when backpackers were traveling around Europe and were captivated by its beauty.

Albania is a land of magical views and great beaches and amazing mountains. So when traveling in Albania get ready to see everything. In this place, everything is possible if your will is good. The riviera shines through the map as the villages are nestled in the coastline.

However, before traveling towards the Albanian riviera this tour will start in Tirana. And if the time allows us, depending on your flight you will get to see the marvels of Tirana.

The next day we will take you to another place that to the first time explorer or traveler it looks like a jungle. The Karavasta Lagoon is a great opportunity for you to see the Dalmatian Pelican and if you’re lucky enough you will get to see Flamingos.

Afterward, your real journey towards the Albanian Riviera will start. So get ready to see the hidden gem of Europe.

These 3 days in a 4×4 tour in the Albanian coast

When it comes to beautiful coastlines and natural geographic wonders, it’s hard to beat the Albanian Coast, in a 3-day 4×4 tour. On this Jeep tour adventure, you’ll drive along the most known beaches of Albania, popular destinations with crystal water. With a lot of off-the-beaten-path treasures waiting to be discovered. And you’ll have the perfect opportunity to do with our 4WD cars.

Albania Food Tours

Albania Agritourism Tour

Albania Agritourism Tour will help you get in touch with local farmers. This tour will take you to some of the best Albanian Agri-touristic farms. Your taste buds will thank you for choosing this tour with us.

This tour includes tradition, gastronomy, and ecology all in a certain place with fresh air, simplicity, hospitality, and life around you. These are the benefits of agritourism which help you make a connection with mother earth and her children. Taking part in the farm life goes beyond just traveling, it makes you know a country like a local does.

It gives you a different insight into traveling. As when one travels has to use all his-her senses. These last years that is what has happened in Albania. An increased interest in the farm life, and what it has to offer. Farm life has always been one of Albania’s main traditions and people are very skilled at making their own goods.

Albania Food and Walking Tour

Albania Food and Walking Tour is a great introduction to the culinary traditions of Northern Albania. Northern Albania is the place of the beautiful Alps. The high mountains will give you a sense of adrenaline that you wouldn’t expect it. The untouched territory offers an insight into how different the north is from the south. The history, the landscape, and the food are all you need to book this tour.

Albania Honey Trail

The southern part of Albania is one of the best things about Albania. It has the sea, the mountains, nature, history, and everything one can dream of. It is described by visitors very often as Europe’s little paradise. This tour will take you to touch a little bit of everything. The Albania honey trail tour is a tour for people who are passionate about cuisine, nature, and hospitality. Furthermore, this tour will leave you mesmerized. You will get to try different honey specialties and you will visit a lot of new places.