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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnja and Herzegovina, the land where The East meets The West

Bosnia and Herzegovina has long been the crossroads of many civilization and cultures.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has long been the crossroads of many civilization and cultures.  It is these millennia of cultural diversity that has melded Bosnia and Herzegovina into one of the most fascinating countries in southern Europe. Most of the inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina are of Slavic origins.
The natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be found in both its people and its land. In fact, it’s impossible to separate the rich cultures and traditions from the nature where it all evolved from. Bosnia and Herzegovina was the most ethnically mixed of the former Republic of Yugoslav. Today it boasts to be the most ethnically diverse country in Europe. Bosnians have had some hard times in our recent past but we have moved on from the difficult post war transition period and now offer a most unique menu of eco-tourism, cultural and historical heritage, and the finest and warmest hospitality in this part of the world.
Travelers to Bosnia and Herzegovina have always been touched by its pristine beauty, its untouched wilderness and its friendly hosts. A longstanding tradition has always been to take special care of visitors and this tradition still holds strong.
Many tourist have been pleasantly surprised when they have visited Bosnia and Herzegovina. The clean, fresh air of our mountains and river valleys, the spiritual uplifting after a holy pilgrimage to Medugorje or Ajvtovac, or a unique experience in our ancient towns and cities will inspire you to visit again.

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The multi-faceted spiritual and cultural practices have been the framework for Bosnia and Herzegovina developing into one of the most naturally culturally diversified countries in Europe. Throughout the generations of Illyrian, Byzantine, Western European Romanesque, and Ottoman influences the Slavic tribes of Bosnia and Herzegovina have harvested a resounding pride in the many ethnic backgrounds that dominate present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are many anthropological and historical reasons for this: a common language, common origin, similar folklore and centuries of harmonious community life.
The diversity of its culture is mixed in a mountain land of the southern Alps with Olympic skiing, deep river canyons, snow-covered Dinaric peaks, rolling green continental landscapes, and the sunny Adriatic coast. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a natural wonderland packed with a wide array of landscapes. We invite you to sink into her mystical past and enjoy the beauties of her magical present.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is representative of the many countries posed with the challenge of eco-friendly development in times of transition. This is a magical land with amazingly diverse eco and bio systems. The key to eco-toursim is providing you, our guests, with an unforgettable experience in our pristine wilderness while maintaining the precious natural balance of which people are an integral part. Through eco-tourism Bosnia and Herzegovina can effectively protect its environment, develop sustainable economies for our people and preserve the precious balance between humans and nature.

Good to Know

Western Balkans
Visa Requirements
Visa in not needed for EU. Everyone else needs a visa.
Languages spoken
Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian
Currency used
Bosnian Marka
Area (km2)
51,129 km²


Bosnia and Herzegovina has been a bridge between great empires, peoples, religions, and their customs. It is on this bridge that one will find a most magical blend of people and traditions, and the beautiful nature from where it all evolved. Man and nature have maintained a harmonious lifestyle rarely found in modern Europe. It is this harmony that has created some of the most magnificent examples of Old World Europe, offering a rare peek into the old ways.
Bosnia and Herzegovina lies at many crossroads. It is a country where the warm Mediterranean climate meets a colder Alpine one – creating one of the most amazing eco-systems in southerns Europe. It is also here where the influences of Eastern Byzantine and Islam have melded with western cultures of the Roman and Austro – Hungarian Empires. This composition of east and west have created one of the most diverse countries in all Europe.
Along with the invasions and migrations came the spiritual backbone of the people of BiH. Christianity, Islam, Judaism have long endured harmonious living that is the trademark of this tiny land. Present day Bosnia and Herzegovina is a living testament to the richness of its cultural and religious heritage.
The pagan belief system of the ancient Illyrians and early Slav settlers clearly intertwined with the early introduction of Christianity in the 10th century. A unique form of secular Christianity, often called the Bosnian church, flourished for many centuries before the Orthodox and Catholic Church structures spread their influence throughout this rugged mountain land. With the arrival of Ottoman conquest was the most significant transformation that Bosnia had, it was introduced with the Islam.

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