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Adventure & Culture Tours in Albania

Albania, with its stunning mountain scenery, a thriving capital in Tirana and beaches to rival any elsewhere in the Mediterranean, Albania has become the sleeper hit of the Balkans.

Albania lies on the Western part of the Balkan Peninsula, it is located in the main crossroads linking the West and the East. In the western part of the country lie the Western Lowlands, with a mainly plain relief and rich vegetation of this type. Along the coastline from Shkodra to Vlora there are numerous beaches with healthy Mediterranean climate.
The Western Lowland area has a rich hydrography. It is permeated by several rivers and spotted by lakes of tectonic and karts origin, which further add the beauty to the area. In the northern part of the lowland area, there is the Shkodra lake. The Shirok beach stretches along its shores.
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Along the Adriatic coastline you can find numerous bays with clear water and fine sand, which are very suitable sites for coastal tourism. The central Mountain region lies in the Eastern and South-Eastern part of the territory. Here the relief is more complicated and the difficult terrain prevails. It is characterized by a rich Mediterranean and continental vegetation. The highest peak of the country (Mount Korabi 2751 m ) is in this region.
The Southern Mountain Region consists of mountain ranges, slopes and separated mountains which are combined with gorges, hilly and pre-mount systems and valleys providing it the features of a mountainous region. This region is permeated by numerous streams. The costal area of this region, for the magnificent beauty it represents, has been named after Albanian Riviera. The costal mountains run from Vlora bay in the North to Delvina in the South.

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Visa Requirements
Visa in not needed for EU. Everyone else needs a visa.
Languages spoken
Currency used
Area (km2)
28,748 km²

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