Korça lies at the foot of Morava mountain next to an ancient Illyrian settlement. Read on to learn about the best things to do in Korca during your next visit to this beautiful area.

The Orthodox Church

By the early Middle Ages, Korça was a bustling urban center. Among its most breathtaking developments are a 9th-century orthodox church and a 15th-century mosque. The orthodox church has since been remodeled and is a beautiful place to visit.

The Old Bazaar

“Now serving as a living cultural monument, a glimpse back in time, is the Old Bazaar.

The old Korça Bazaar has great early historical, cultural and artistic value for the city. The bazaar is characterized by one and two story buildings in classic Korça style, separated by narrow cobbled streets that open onto a central square—the Bazaar is sure to attract the attention of visitors.

In past centuries, the bazaar has functioned as a market for trade not just within Albania, but also from Turkey, Greece, Trieste and Venice. It [has] row of inns, including the Old Elbasan and Old Monastery Inn, which served to host travelers visiting the market from outside the city. The market reached its apex during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with more than 1,000 stores. With so many shops, the bazaar was like a city within a city. The two parts of the bazaar were separated by the old river, and linked by two wooden bridges, while the main road through the city crossed the river on a vaulted stone bridge which rose above the shops.

Over the course of its history, the bazaar was burnt down three times, to be built again. The entire complex underwent a complete renovation in 2015, planting the seed for a historical, economic, and touristic transformation not just for the city but for the region. The renovation has returned the bazaar to its original historical image, returning its historical and cultural value.”

– Excerpt from korca.al.

The First Albanian Language School, “ABC”

Korça was pioneer in the field of education. Albanian Visionaries opened the first school in the Albanian language on March 7, 1887 (which remained open until 1902). Soon after, Korça opened the first school for girls in the Albanian language in 1891. The Ottoman Empire suppressed much of this advancement in Albanian education, but after independence in 1912, progress continued. Unfortunately, the Italian and German occupation of 1944 stalled progress once again.

The school is in the center of the city, very close with the orthodox cathedral. Now it is a museum for the people that want to learn more about the history of our alphabet and language.

Albanians proudly call it the “Mësonjëtorja e parë Shqipe”.

Korça Brewery

In addition to being a center of education, Korça is an important agricultural and industrial center. A testament to this fact is that Korça is the home of Albanias first brewery. Investors Italian Umberto Umberti and Korçan local Selim Mboria co-founded this brewery in 1928 and it remains in operation today.

Next to the brewery there is a restaurant where you can sample local, traditional food such as kebabs called “kerrnacka” along with beer from the brewery.

This brewery also forms the backbone of the famous Beer Festival hosted in Korça.

Korca Beer Fest is the biggest event in Albania. Within 5 days, over 100.000 people visit the festival…

Korça Beer fest was founded in year 2007. In six years of its existence over 500 000 visitors could have seen more than 100 free music performances and tasted a lot of beer brands. This festival, organized for the 10th year in a row, attracts thousands of visitors from inside and outside Albania.

– Excerpt from korca.al.

Are there more things to do in Korca?

National Museum of Medieval Art

This museum is dedicated to the medieval art and history of Korce, Albania. It is right on the Boulevard of Fan Noli and has over 7000 art and cultural items such as icons, stone, wooden, metal and textile works that represent various periods of Albania.

Archaeological Museum of Korca

This museum is a traditional house, in the courtyard has some of the most enticing objects, meanwhile inside you can find Illyrian and Roman traces on display.

Youth Park

The park of Korce is a park of 100,000m2 and its unique because of the variety of vegetation it is surrounded with. It has become the lungs of Korca 60 years ago, and most locals visit it daily. During the weekend many people from other cities visit it.

Gjon Mili Museum

This museum is called in a Romanian House which is located in the pedestrian area of the city and you cannot miss it because of its unique exterior. The museum offers you an opportunity to see some of the most famous people that he took exclusive pictures for. There is an opportunity for you to take a picture of yourself in the way Gjon Mili did.

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