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Albania is the country where the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea meet. Albania borders Montenegro, Kosovo, Greece, and Macedonia and by sea, it borders Italy. Albania has had a wide range number of different civilizations such as Illyrians, Pelasgians, Thracians, Ancient Romans, Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans. In 1912 Albania declared its independence when Ismail Qemali signed the declaration of independence. This combination of various intruders has led to Albania is one of the most historical countries in the Balkans. Discover the footprints of each one of these civilizations by choosing our Albania Escorted Tours.

What are some of our Albania Escorted Tours?

Multi-day Albania escorted tours

Albanian Coast Tour

Albanian Coast Tour will take you to the stunning beaches that Albanians boast, and they have every reason to. Whether you like luxuriating on sandy beaches or exploring rocky ones, you can find it in Albania. The weather is perfect during the beginning and end of the summer, and the seafood is fresh and delicious year-round. Moreover, this tour will take you to a place where two seas meet, a place of pebbly and sandy beaches. Moreover, a place of crystal clear waters and hidden beaches that waits for you to discover. A place of wonders.

Albania Escorted Tours

Enjoy Albania’s hidden paradise by booking our coast-line tour.

The Albanian coastline can be visited all year round as the place is unique and the food is always fresh. This tour is a tour with virgin beaches and places where nature and the human mind become one. 10 days in Albania. This Albanian coast tour will be a great idea for you who want to escape from the daily routine and enjoy the sun, sea, and summer.

Albania Hidden Gems

People consider Albania as the hidden corner of Europe. Dear Alyne, the famous blogger that has traveled almost to every corner of the world considers Albania as her favorite country and the gem of Europe.  So, explore Albania Hidden Gems through this 8-day tour.

Albania is a country with beautiful Mountains, turquoise Beaches, amazingly healthy food, and low prices. Also, not to forget the cultural and historical part which make it the real gem, and also the hospitable people.

If you are the type of person who likes nature and loves to explore the culture and the history of a country, then this is the trip for you.

Albania Escorted Tours

Walking in Northern Albania

Albania Hiking Tour combines walking with cultural discovery. In this way, you can experience the best of Albania’s nature and culture. Albania Hiking Tour will immerse you in the local traditions of Albania’s highlands as we walk through the National Parks of Valbona and Theth.

The walking in Northern Albania tour depending on the time of arrival, the guide may take you on a tour of Tirana. Where you can visit the capital of Albania and see why Tirana is one of Europe’s most unique destinations.

DSC 9692

The walks are of moderate difficulty so the tour is great for many travelers. We will also get the chance to visit the town of Prizren in Kosovo. Another highlight is the UNESCO city of Berat which dates from the 4th century BC. Albanians know Berat as the city of ‘Thousand Windows’ because of its distinctive Ottoman architectural style.

Trekking the Hidden Trails of Albania

Trekking the hidden trails of Albania we follow some of the least explored trails of the Northern Albanian Alps. It is a great tour for experienced travelers who would enjoy the beauty of the Alpine Pastures. Even though we provide blankets and mattresses in the huts, you might feel more comfortable bringing your sleeping bag.

When the group arrives in Albania they will be welcomed by our tour leader and transferred to Rubik. In Rubik, we will be accommodated in the Marubi eco-hotel. Depending on the time we can make a 2-hour walk to the nearby village or we can go and enjoy the spectacular view of the 12 century-old Rubik Church.

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Experience the breathtaking views of Valbona and Theth through this tour.

Best Around Albania Trip

Another of the best Albania escorted tours is the around Albania trip.

Around Albania trip will show that Albania is rich in history and art. This Albania trip will take you to visit the whole country and several castles that important to Albanian history.

With the Albania trip, you will visit the capital of Albania Tirana. You will go around Scanderbeg Square and learn about the history of the square and what you can see from that point of view. Surely, from the square, you can see, the Et’hem Bey mosque which is a relic of the Ottoman period that conquered Albania for 500 years.

Behind the mosque is located the clock tower which is also important as it is the face of Tirana. Just on the opposite side is another important place that you are going to visit, the national history museum of Tirana. The national history museum is a three-floor museum that is divided into sections and each of the sections shows the history of Albania. The museum has a lot of historical artifacts and relics.

Also this takes you to the monastery of Ardenica. Meanwhile, the Ardenica Monestry is located at the highest point of a range of hills stretching across the great plain of Myzeqea. It has been an important historical, cultural, and spiritual center of the Orthodox Church for many centuries. Because the monastery is situated close to a major road that joins Western and Eastern Europe, it drew many people to its door.

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8 Days Off Road in South Albania

For travelers who want to travel off the beaten track in 8 days off-road in South Albania and explore amazing rural locations that ordinary tour buses cannot reach, 4WD excursions are the answer. This adventure is the ideal way to experience what many consider the most beautiful Balkan coastline.

Explore ancient archaeological sites and the rocky beaches, dine on fresh seafood and don’t forget to try the Raki! But there’s so much more to see in this picturesque country than just the sea. Across the south Albanian coastline, there’s a whole different world waiting to be explored through your Jeep window.

Drive among tiny villages, walk through remote valleys and marvel at isolated Butrint Park. This unique park of architecture and cultures will make you feel like you are living in ancient times.

A tour around Albania’s most fantastic places, you will see beautiful landmarks and landscapes. Moreover, you will see beaches and golden sunsets in these 8 days off-road in South Albania.

Also, this tour will take you to the oldest places in Albania, the ones that make the Albanian history. However, this tour will also take you to one of the most amazing places in Albania, the most sought after place, Ksamil Island.

8 Days to remember and discover Albania.

ksamil island

Historical and Archeological Sites

Historical and Archaeological Sites Tours will take to the region which has played a strategic role in ancient times. Because it has been a point of contact between Illyrian, Greek, and Roman civilizations. Durres, Apollonia, Butrint, Phoenice, Byllis, and Shkodra hide a wealth of great archaeological value. And it is still largely unknown.


What are some day Albania Escorted Tours?

Berat Day Trip From Tirana

One of the best Albania Escorted Tours is the Berat Day Trip from Tirana with a private guide that will show you the best of Berat in a day.

Is Berat worth visiting

Berat is totally worth visiting while you are in Albania because as UNESCO describes it, Berat is a rare example of Ottoman architecture. The city has been lived continually since the 4th century BC and therefore it attests to a rich and diverse urban culture from medieval to ottoman coexisting peacefully for centuries. Berat even before being enlisted in the UNESCO heritage list was declared a Museum City by the Albanian government in 1961.


Durres Day Tour with Local Guide

Durres Day Tour will immerse you in the monuments of classical Durres.

The name of the city in the past was Epidamnos and Dyrrahium, deriving from the ancient Greek language. It is the second-largest city in Albania. And it consists of the port where the ships embark.

Explore the city’s 1930’s architecture as you walk along the boulevard.
Visit the Ethnographic Museum and its artifacts displayed on the second floor of a traditional house from the 19th cent. It exhibits authentic objects of hand-crafts as well as a rich collection of Albanian traditional costumes.

Durres is one of the oldest cities in Albania. Not only, but it also consists of the Byzantine walls and the Roman Amphitheater.

The Roman Amphitheater from the 2nd century AD, built during the reign of Emperor Trajan as one of the biggest amphitheaters in the Balkans. The Roman Amphitheatre and the city of Durrës are unusual for their extraordinary degree of preservation, particularly for their large stretches of undisturbed stratigraphy. About a third of the amphitheater was not set on manmade supports, but on natural ones, utilizing a precipitous hillside to support its northern seating or cavea.

On the way to the archaeological museum, you can admire the Byzantine Wall, an engineering masterpiece, built during the reign of Emperor Anastasius ( VI cent AD ) whose origin was from Durres, and the seaside promenade enjoying the fresh air and the view of the largest bay in Albania. The Byzantine Chapel is our next stop. An early Christian chapel built into the western side of the amphitheater. Its western alcove preserves a unique polychromatic mosaic representing Christian iconography in almost its natural sizes.

Durres Castle

Explore Durres through one of our Albania Escorted Tours.

Ardenica and Apollonia Day Trip from Tirana

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the ancient Greek architecture of Apollonia and explore the ancient marvels of the Ardenica Monastery on the Ardenica and Apollonia day trip from Tirana.

While discovering these two sites that are a hidden gem in Albania you will be speechless at what they have to offer. Apollonia is located on the banks of the last wild river in Europe, the Vjosa River. The pillars and theater of Apollonia will remind you of the days when Greeks used to believe in Gods and built houses for them.

Apollonia isn’t a modern, occupied city. Instead, it is the ruins of a city that used to be a major port and departure point for travelers along the Via Egnatia. Today it is an archeological park and museum open to the public with footpaths and sights spread over several hectares.

Apolonia is the oldest city in Albania

Once upon a time here began one of the most important streets connecting the West with the East, or Rome with Constantinople. Apolonia is the oldest city in Albania, one of the largest in the Adriatic basin, and the most famous among the 30 other cities of the same name, of ancient times.

Apollonia is one of the largest archeological centers in Albania. Written testimonies show that the ancient Illyrian city was built in the first years of the 6th century BC in 588 by colonists coming from Corinth and Korkyra after they found the Epidam – Dyrrah.

Apollonia Albania 1
Apollonia Albania 1

Kruja and Qafeshtama Day Tour

On a day tour of Kruja and Qafeshtama, you will get to see one of the most important towns in Albania. And one of the most important National Parks of Albania.

In a day tour of Kruja, it’s easy to find parts of Albanian history scattered across the city. Begin with the old bazaar to see the handicrafts and then head towards the castle of Scanderbeg, the Albanian national hero.

Kruja Castle was built in the 5th and 6th centuries A.D. Charles I of Anjou rebuilt the walls in the 13th century and the Turks rebuilt them again some centuries later. In 1617 an earthquake caused great damage to the walls, after which they were reinforced with 9 towers. The highest and most well-defended part of the fortress is a clock tower. It used to serve as an observation platform during times of war.

Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu was an Albanian military commander and noble man.

People thought he had supernatural strength. Kruja is one reason to visit Albania. But that is not all Kruja has to offer.

After we have visited Kruja the tour continues towards the national park of Qafeshtama.

Hiking one of the most beautiful parks of Albania, located in Kruja and just 45 km away from the capital of Albania is an experience to never forget.


Are there more Albania Escorted Tours?

Yes, there are more that you can check in our website.