In the southern region of Albania along the banks of the Osumi River, you will find one of the most ancient towns in Albania. The innumerable monuments and characteristic architecture of the houses have proclaimed Berat, Albania a “Museum Town”. The town itself has three distinct parts: Gorica, Mangalem and Kalaja. Within Gorica you will find the well-preserved ruins of a castle dating from the 4th century BC. On the other side of the river you will find the old district of Mangalem. Next to that is the Kalaja fortress and the residential quarter still housed within. Crossing the Gorica bridge leads you from Mangalem to Gorica. Both are well preserved areas containing buildings with characteristic architecture from the Ottoman Empire.

As you walk through on narrow, charming paths, you will see a great number of windows overlooking the town. These large windows give Berat, Albania, the name “Town of a Thousand Windows.” This living piece of history abounds in cultural and religious heritage, historic architecture and natural beauty. It is a remarkable scenic town, just as important today due to its rich history and architecture as it was over two thousand years ago for its political and commercial significance.

Regional Attractions:

Mountain Tomorri National Park is the largest protected wildlife and outdoor recreation area in Albania. Visitors to the Park will find an
abundance of nature’s gifts ripe for exploration and outdoor recreation.

The Cascades of Bogove are a light hike up from the nearby village of Bogova. This trip along the river banks to the cascades and natural springs takes approximately 45 minutes. The cascades of Bogova are fresh and clear, and as such are the region’s primary source for drinking water. Additionally, the forest at the foot of Mountain Tomorri provides cool shade around the cascades, offering a popular retreat from the summer heat of the region. The village of Bogove is about an hour ride from Berat.

The Canyons of Çorovode are standing evidence of the active geological history in the area. Çorovode is about half an hour trip outside of Berat. From there, the main trails and areas for outdoor recreation are only moments away.