Albanian Food

This blog is ALL ABOUT FOOD. Moreover, all about ALBANIAN FOOD. As an experienced traveler I have to say that when traveling, the most important thing after traveling itself is FOOD. Enjoying food is like enjoying life. Before traveling you should get educated about the country you are going to and the types of food […]

The ultimate list of the top foods in Albania

Albanian Food Recipes We decided to help everyone with a list of top foods in Albania. What should you try when in Albania? We have chosen the easiest Albanian food recipes for you to follow. The not so traditional dishes but top foods in Albania Pumpkin Soup This soup is very easy and very tasty, […]

Agrotourism farms in Albania

A country’s house is always the ideal place to relax and enjoy nature. A huge number of tourists have shifted their attention from traditional populated places to the rural environment. Meaning, the history of a country still remains important when visiting a place, but so does the tradition. Where to learn about the tradition of […]

Where to find Albanian Traditional food in Tirana

Just like many other countries in the Mediterranean and Balkan region, Albania has a great culinary tradition. This is because its position gives it a rare advantage as this country has only delicious influences from all sides (Turkey, Greece, and Italy). A couple of decades ago, Albanians preferred cooking foreign dishes. But lately, they have […]

Albanian Cuisine

The traditional Albanian cuisine is a reflection of the local culture, way of living and the amazing hospitality, with which, Albanians have identified themselves through centuries. Being in between eastern and western cultures, it is natural to be influenced and then incorporate all these culinary traditions in one identifiable Albanian culinary culture. The favourable climate […]