We as Sondor Travel want to give you the best experience of Albania so you will want to come back. So we have made you a list of the top 10 best day trips in Albania for 2020.

Top 10 Albania day trips 2021 – Kruja and Tirana in a day trip

In Tirana and Kruja Day Tour you will:

Learn about the origins of the Albanians, their history, and culture in one day this is why this tour is considered a top 10 Albania Day Trips Albania for 2021

Kruja was the most important town for the Albanians during the 15th century. Moreover, it withstood successfully at least 3 major sieges by the Ottoman Empire.
The medieval hero Gjergj Kastrioti called “Scanderbeg” is considered not only by Albanians as a symbol of resistance and savior but also by ottomans. They believed that a supernatural force dwelled in him.
Therefore after his death, they destroyed his tomb and took parts of his bones to keep them as a charm for good luck. Walk in the Old Bazaar full of old shops that sell traditional handmade items.

best day trips in Albania 2020

Tirana the capital of Albania will take you to walk around the Scanderbeg square, where you’ll see an interesting complex of buildings that reflect the periods that have influenced Tirana’s architecture.
Only the Clock Tower and Et’hem Bey Mosque remain reminders of the city’s Ottoman past.

The mosque was built in 1821 by Et’hem Bey in a typical Turkish style.
Continue to King’s Palace and National Martyrs Boulevard. Here you’ll get to know a piece of the daily life of former dictator Enver Hoxha. We’ll visit the pyramid of Tirana, a former museum for his life. Also, the “Bllok” zone where he and other communist leaders lived in.
The area that was once prohibited for people is now the most favorite neighborhood for young people, businesses, and coffee shops.

best day trips in Albania 2020

Top 10 Albania Day Trips 2021 – Berati Day Tour

visiting Berat city is a unique experience of your lifetime.

In this tour of Berat from Tirana, you will see that this town is influenced by several civilizations. The city lies on the banks of river Osumi and it’s surrounded by mountains. In the background of the town, you can see the mountain of Tomorr. Behind the mountain is a legend that says that the mountain was a giant who fought with another giant called Shpirag (the other mountain) over a girl. For this reason, the giants killed each other and became mountains. And the girl drowned in her tears and became the Osumi River.

It is worth mentioning that on this day trip from Tirana to Berat you will learn that the old city is divided into three parts, Mangalem, the castle, and Gorica.

Explore the city of thousand windows or rows upon rows as it is not clear what it’s really called. One of the oldest inhabited cities in Albania.  A city you can visit all year round.

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Top 10 Albania day trips – Highlights of Tirana on a 3-Hour Guided Walking Tour

See the main sights of Tirana on a tour that features a guided walk through the city center. You will see one of the most colorful capitals in Europe. You will find street art everywhere you will step on. And you will have an insight into Scanderbeg Square and its story. There you’ll learn about the Ottoman past. How the city was under the Ottoman Empire. Learn how the tradition hasn’t changed much to this day. Discover the Communist-era architecture.

In other words, find out how Enver Hoxha isolated Albania and how everyone who did something against the rules was sent to internment camps. Find the reason why he built the famous Bunkers of Albania. Moreover, see how the city changed after the fall of communism. Also, stop at the National History Museum to learn about significant periods in the country’s history. Regardless, the suffrage and oppression Albania still stand on its feet. In this walking tour of Tirana, you will learn a lot of things you did not know about the capital of Albania, not only, but you will also learn about the country itself.

best day trips in albania 2020

Top 10 Albania Day Trips 2021 – Gjirokastra full-day Tour

Argyrokastra, a magical hillside town in Albania.

The town of Gjirokaster is under UNESCO heritage protection as one of the most well-preserved Ottoman towns. But not only, but Gjirokaster is also the birthplace of communist Enver Hoxha and one of Albania’s most famous writers Ismail Kadare. Gjirokaster has one of the most beautiful fortresses in the country. As majestic as it looks from the outside is the same majestic inside.

From the fortress, you can see the white houses and cobblestone streets of the town. The view from the fortress is spectacular. From up there, you see the mountains and valleys and beautiful sunsets. Roads paved with chunky limestone and shale take you back in time. The stone city as they call it is a town of historical importance. As the city has survived through different wars.

The Gjirokastra Day Tour will leave you amazed. The city owns imposing slate-roofed houses overlooking the Drina Valley. So immerse yourself into the local life, meet with interesting locals and relive the past. See the beautiful houses and experience their hospitality. Make yourself at home in stone city.

best day trips in albania 2020

Top 10 Albania Day Trips 2021: Blue Eye Day tour

This day tour of the Blue Eye is a once-in-a-lifetime experience in one of the most beautiful attractions of the Balkans. The Blue Eye is a water spring phenomenon, where water gushes from the depths to the surface. In a tour of Blue Eye, you will witness crystal clear water that is as cold as ice. It bubbles from the mysterious depths of the spring. The vegetation around the spring gives you a magical view, of a beautiful contrast of greens and blues. The deep blue color of the eye surrounded by the greens of the nearby forest is the most beautiful view you will take home with you.

Blue Eye Day Tour will take you to experience one of the most beautiful hidden gems of the Balkans. The blue eye is a valuable place on earth where mother earth hasn’t failed to impress. It is a monument of nature. The view is out of this world. And the water is only for the brave to try to jump in it, as you should have a strong heart to cope with its coldness. Albania is called the land of surprises, as the country hides jewels of beautiful tropical places in its heart.

best day trips in albania 2020

Top 10 Albania Day Trips 2021 – Butrint day trip from Saranda

The Butrint day trip from Saranda will take you to discover one of the most extraordinary sites in the Mediterranean. Explore the ruins of the old city of Buthrotum (Butrint), walk through the ancient monuments.

Find how Butrint is a unique place. As can be seen, it went from a Venetian tower to Hellenic and Roman ruins. Located in the South of Albania, Butrint is one of the most important archaeological sites of Albania. It’s is well preserved and has a beautiful history that it’s a must to hear. The hill where it is set is surrounded by lake Butrint and green vegetation. In essence, it’s more than an important landmark. In the meantime, it’s one of the largest archaeological parks in Albania and probably in the Balkans. If you like the beach and history this is one of the places you should visit.

best day trips in albania 2020

Top 10 Albania Day Trips – Theth off-road day tour

Our 4×4 Theth Tour will start in Shkoder by diving up in the Alps on-road 1800m above sea level, in “Qafe Thore” and afterward we will drive off-road downhill. Once we reach the Theth, we will continue with a 40-minute walk by visiting the Church and the Grunas waterfall. It is a natural attraction, 30 meters high. All its water derives entirely from rock and from snow water.

Afterward, we have a short visit to the “Kulla” (tower) of Theth. It is lock-in-towers. They were used in Albania and the Balkans. Meanwhile, they would try to find a “peaceful” solution between the families. Locally they call this impressive stone tower Kulla e Ngujimit (lock-in tower). This tower is the premier sight in Theth and they also call it the Kulla “Vendetta/Blood Feud” Tower because of its history. After the exploration of the interesting village of the northern Alps of Albania and the experience of the full-day Jeep Safari Theth, the comfortable jeeps will wait for you to bring you back to your hotel.

best day trips in albania 2020

Top 10 Albania Day Trips – Shkodra day trip from Tirana

This day trip of Shkodra from Tirana will be a great day for you. Wedged between the magical Accursed Mountains and the glittering expanse of Lake Skadar, Shkoder is a small city in the North of Albania.

Shkodra, the popular center of the Gheg cultural region, is one of the oldest cities in Europe and arguably the most beautiful urban center in Albania. Moreover, to talk about Shkodra is talking about legends.

One of the most touching legends and most famous in Albania is that of the castle of Shkodra, Rozafa. Rozafa was a girl married in a family of three brothers. The brothers were building a castle during the day, but during the night an unknown force destroyed the castle.

So, the legend goes that the youngest brother had a dream that his “Dead father” told him to bury in the walls the wife of one of the three brothers. It would be chosen the one who would bring them lunch the next day. He goes and tells that to his brothers and they all betray him by telling the secret to their wives.

The next day, the youngest brother’s wife brought them lunch. Moreover, she just had given birth to a child whom she loved too much. They tell her about the dream and she accepts her fate. And she tells them to bury her in one condition… Learn this condition on this tour and learn what happens to Rozafa.

best day trips in albania 2020

Top 10 Albania Day Trips – Durres Day Tour with a Local Guide

Durres Day Tour will immerse you in the monuments of classical Durres.

The name of the city in the past was Epidamnos and Dyrrahium, deriving from the ancient Greek language. It is the second-largest city in Albania. And it consists of the port where the ships embark. Durres is one of the oldest cities in Albania. But not only, but it also consists of the Byzantine walls and the Roman Amphitheater.

The Byzantine walls that used to surround the city from the Ottoman Empire still stand tall, and give the city another insight. But the Roman Amphitheater is one of the most majestic ruins left in Durres. The Amphitheater reminds you of ancient times as it is built in the 2nd century AD. The archaeological museum is also located in this city and it offers an exhibition of the archaeological findings.

Not only, but it also portrays Albanian culture and tradition around the rooms. The city of Durres doesn’t have only the ancient appeal but also the modern. Explore the archaeological sites and learn about the modern side with an expert guide.

best day trips in albania 2020

Top 10 Albania Day Trips – Food tour in Tirana

Last but not list in our list is the food tour

Tirana Food Tour will walk you through the New Bazaar in Tirana. The New Bazaar of Tirana is the place where everyone can find things for themselves. This place is the oldest newly renovated. The Bazaar lately has changed its facade into a more modern look. However, it’s a place where even those who do not speak English will find a way to communicate with you. This the capital’s newest tourist destination.

In this Food Tour of Tirana, you will find a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. All of them are local products by local farmers and presented in the New Bazaar. But you will also find fish and meat, wine and raki. Even souvenirs to take home with you. Not to mention the beautiful colorful buildings around it. The vibe around the place is completely positive, with a mix of old-style and new styles.

Around the bazaar, there are many restaurants and places to try traditional food. There you will enjoy different types of traditional Albanian food. Meanwhile, in this Tirana food tour, you will be learning more about Tirana’s social and culinary culture.

best day trips in albania 2020

There are more tours that we can add to the top 10 Albania day trips but these are our best suggestions for the time being.