Albania, with its stunning mountain scenery, a thriving capital in Tirana, and beaches to rival any elsewhere in the Mediterranean, has become the jewel of the Balkans. Why should you book the day tours in Albania.

Albania lies on the Western part of the Balkan Peninsula at the crossroads between the West and the East. To the north lies Montenegro and Kosovo, and to the west, Macedonia.

As a small country, each of the borders lies just a few hours away from its heart, Tirana. Because of this, Albania is full of opportunities to visit interesting places, all with only a day’s travel.

Here are our top 8 day tours in Albania:

1.Tirana Guided Walking Tour
day tours in albania

If you find yourself in Tirana for a business trip, holidays, or any other reason don’t hesitate to give yourself a 3-hour Guided Walking Tour in the city.

See the main sights of Tirana on a day tour that features a guided walk through the city center. On this tour, you’ll learn about the city’s Ottoman past as well as the Communist-era influence on architecture. Additionally, you’ll stop at the National History Museum to learn about other significant periods in the country’s history.

2. Tirana and Kruja in a Day Trip

Visit main attractions in two cities, Tirana and Kruja. The focus of this tour is the origins of the Albanians, both through their history and culture. Specifically, one of the main subjects of the tour will be the national hero, Gjergj Kastrioti, known as Scanderbeg. Though vastly outnumbered, he managed to defeat the Turkish Ottoman armies with its hundreds of thousands soldiers.

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day tours in Albania
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Visiting Berat city is a unique experience. While there, you can explore the UNESCO Heritage designated city of one thousand windows. As its world recognition illustrates, Berat is full of historic architecture from the Ottoman period, and it remains one of the few cities with a currently inhabited castle.

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4. Durres Day Tour from Tirana
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Immerse yourself in the monuments of classical Durres. Explore the archaeological sites with an expert guide and learn why the city is considered the “Tavern of the Adriatic” in ancient Albania.

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5. Food Tour in Tirana

Take a walk through the New Bazaar in Tirana, the capital’s newest tourist destination. While there, enjoy different types of traditional Albanian food while learning more about Tirana’s social and culinary culture.

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6. Gjirokastra, Full Day Tour
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Defined by its castle, roads paved with chunky limestone and shale, imposing slate-roofed houses and views out to the Drina Valley, Gjirokastra is a magical hillside town. Here, you can immerse yourself into the local life, meet with interesting locals and relive the past.

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7. Rozafa Castle with Private Guide
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Visit the Rozafa castle and the museum inside the castle. Along the way, you will be rewarded with fantastic views of Shkodra Lake and the Lead Mosque. The museum showcases artifacts from the Hellenistic and medieval periods up until World War I. As you walk along the Illyrian walls from the 4th-century, you will learn about the history and the vivid legend of the woman who was walled in alive within the castle walls. On top of this, you can soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the breathtaking views over the confluence of Buna, Drin and Kir rivers.

Once inside the castle, you will see the monument of Rozafa feeding her baby from the walls. In addition, you will get to know more about the people’s history and how they survived different occupations. After that, visit the museum which sheds light on every stone and ruin you have visited so far, giving answers to the questions you might have had throughout the tour. Finally, soak in the breathtaking views of Tarabosh mountain and Shkodra Lake and enjoy some free time to shoot pictures.

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8. Thethi Day Tour with Private Guide 
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This is a full day tour of Theth Village including sites such as: The church of Theth, Locked in Tower, Waterfall, Grunas Canyon, The Blue Eye and more. This tour is intended as a day hike for those travelers that are already in Theth but need a local guide to show them the best of Theth.

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