Ksamil’s beaches have become one of the most popular destinations along the Albanian Riviera, according to www.booking.com.

In fact, Booking.com even ranked Ksamil as one of the top 10 most exotic, unique, most requested destinations IN THE WORLD to visit during 2019.

According to this study, tourists are more adventurous than in 2018. Many of them want unique experiences amongst their friend groups. Little-explored destinations, like Albania, are the answer to this growing desire to experience something out of the ordinary.

Ksamil is a pearl hidden nearby the beautiful city of Saranda. It has an abundance of crystal clear water, both sandy and rocky beaches, and many nearby attractions. These attractions include the Blue Eye and the ancient city of Butrint nestled within the UNESCO heritage Butrint National Park. In addition, there are and many rare species of wildlife native to this area.

Ksamil, located between the Ksamil Peninsula and the Butrint Lagoon, boasts a number of hotels and restaurants. That said, holiday homes remain a favorite option for the area.

How to get to Ksamil Island?

Corfu Island, Greece marks the southern border of Ksamil. A daily ferry line connects the two vacation hot spots.

You can also get to Ksamil through cruise ships that visit Saranda, as Ksamil is located a 30-minute drive from Saranda.

Another way to get to Ksamil is by renting a car in Tirana and driving south, by bus from Tirana to Saranda, by taxi from Saranda to Ksamil.

What to do in Ksamil Albania?

There are many things to do in Ksamil Albania, however, in this article, we will include what we consider most important about this place in the Albanian Riviera.

What is the Albanian Riviera?

The Albanian Riviera or the Southern Albanian Riviera is a coastline along the northeastern Ionian Sea in the Mediterranean Sea, which includes the districts of Sarande and Vlore. Along with this district is included the four islands of Ksamil. All of which offer dense Mediterranean vegetation, golden sand, and small trips to visit all the islands.

What is so special about it?

Being one of Albania’s most popular destinations, Ksamil’s islands are really a popular destination for a good reason. Sandy beaches, clear water, great seafood, and green vegetation are the perfect tropical dream in the Mediterranean. There are so many things to visit in this place and fall in love with.

Best beaches of Ksamil


Bora Bora beach occupies the central part of Ksamil’s beach. Bora Bora, man it’s an unbelievable beach and has amazing sand (white sand). It is a small tropical paradise.

Lori Beach

Lori beach is one of many beautiful beaches spread around the curvy shore of the island. The sand is pale and sugary, making the sea appear bright blue.

Ksamil Beach

The water is warmish, and bluish, but murkier than other Riviera beaches as the base mostly stands instead of stone. It is one of the most attractive beaches in the south of Albania. During all the summer days there are a lot of people from different countries that enjoy the wonderful Ionian Sea.

Africana Beach

This is a beautiful beach that is part of the bar that has the same name. It has beautiful water colors, beautiful sand, and it is not overcrowded.

Things to do

There are some things to do nearby the Islands


Mussel Tour

Mussel tour is a must do .Wonderful experience. Small cozy operation, very authentic. You and your kids will enjoy this tour very much and will learn many things you did not know about mussels.

Mandarina Tour/ Tangerine Tour

Into the land of tangerines closer to the ancient city of Butrint, we organize the Mandarina Tour, a truly individually guided experience with local farmers and local dishes. Farmers will give us some basic information on how to collect the fruit, how to respect the processes involved, and then take part in an age-old tradition of picking delicious fruit.

Vivari Canal

The Vivar canal connects Butrint Lake with the Ionian Sea. It’s a small canal best seen just in front of the Butrint national park entrance, where’s the primitive cable “ferry”. This ferry can accept very few cars and crosses in less than 5 min.

Also known as the Butrinto River this canal or river connects Lake Butrinto with the Straits of Corfu. It also forms the border with Butrint, the UNESCO World Heritage historical site and some claim it defines where the Adriatic ends and the Ionian Sea starts.

In addition to the beaches, explore the many day tours that the area around the island has to offer. These will better acquaint you with the history, archaeology, and nature of the area.