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Theth Day Tours.<br /> Theth is a pleasant village in north Albania’s Shkodra region. It is set between the peaks of the Shala mountains. Just the journey here is very incredible, whether you approach over the mountains on foot from Valbona or by vehicle across the high passes from Shkodra. Both a sprawling village along the valley floor amid an amphitheater of slate-grey mountains and a national park containing beautiful landscapes and great hiking routes, Theth is now well on its way to being Albania's next big point. An improved asphalt road from Shkodra has made access to this once virtually unexplored village far easier in recent years, drawing with it the familiar problem of overdevelopment. Theth has a predominantly Catholic population, evident in the architecture and culture. In fact, many of Albania’s most famous writers were priests from Theth. Their work has contributed immensely to the education of the local population. About an hour away from the church is the Waterfall of Grunas. The 30-meter high waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural monuments in Theth. After this refreshing visit, walk down to Grunas Canyon on your way to the Blue Eye. This beautiful canyon is about 60 meters deep and 2 kilometers long. Continue walking along the canyon towards the Blue Eye. The Blue Eye is a pool of deep blue water was formed by the Black river flowing down the mountains. Come quickly while Theth retains its incomparable romance and unique charm. Book day tours in Theth with us.
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