Top Attractions in Theth Albania

  • Visit the characteristic Church of Theth Albania
  • Walk up to the Grunas Waterfall
  • Relax and sunbathe at the beautiful Blue Eye water spring
  • Enjoy the breathtaking view over Grunas Canyon
  • Hike the Theth-Valbona Pass
  • Check-out the ethnographic museum of Theth Albania
  • Visit the lock-in tower of Theth

Theth Albania, Natural Beauty Meets Rich History

Theth is a small village in the north of Albania. The community is situated right in the middle of a national park, an area known for its lush and mountainous natural beauty.

While you are there, start your day walking toward the Church of Theth. The church, dating from 1892, is an Albanian landmark. Situated against the backdrop of the Albanian Alps, it is one of the most visited sites in the area.

Theth has a predominantly Catholic population, evident in the architecture and culture. In fact, many of Albania’s most famous writers were priests from Theth. Their work has contributed immensely to the education of the local population.

theth albania

Visit the characteristic Church of Theth Albania

The church of Theth is what catches your eye when first arriving in Theth Albania. Located in the heart of the village, the church looks like a beautiful silhouette surrounded by the magnificent mountains and topped with a wooden cross. A 19th century stone church that was used as the village hospital during the communist era. This place is open normally on Sunday.

The ruins of the old church date back to the 17th century. This scenic church in the village of Theth Albania is a sacred black and has become home to the locals.

Walk up to the Grunas Waterfall

The Grunas Waterfall can be found in the Albanian Alps and serves as a reward to the visitors who dare to hike in the area. To reach the waterfall you have to walk for 1 hour, it is one spectacular hike across rivers, mountain slopes, and pastures. This waterfall is created by the melted snow waters.

The journey is for the fit ones who dare and love adventure. The smooth flow of the waterfall creates a rainbow during the warm hours of the day. It serves as an attraction for everyone who dares to visit the Albanian Alps.

Waterfall of Grunas

Relax and sunbathe at the beautiful Blue Eye water spring

Theth Albania is one of the most unique and beautiful villages in the country, however, the blue eye of Theth is a place that is good for your soul and mind. The road to go there is for the ones who like to jump and down because the road is like a roller coaster and is bumpy but it is worth it.

The fresh air and wilderness that surrounds you are unmatched with anything else you will ever experience in life. The water is gelid because it is always running. We recommend you go there during the midday hours when the weather is warmer because the area is quite cold. Be sure you have your bottle of water so you do not get thirsty.

Can you eat at the Blue Eye of Theth Albania

There is a small restaurant where you can eat local snacks and have a drink that is always cold as its always in the cold water of Blue Eye Theth.

Enjoy the breathtaking view over Grunas Canyon

The grunas canyon is a large canyone with carbon formations that is considered to be the miracles of the Alps to whoever sees it. A place untouched by the human hand that is as pure as it can be.

Hike the Theth-Valbona Pass

Hike the Theth Albania to Valbona Pass. The pass will be such a feast for your eyes. You will enjoy ascending and descending through beautiful paths that give you a feeling as you are being reborn in a natural environment where nature is your only friend. You will see views of Theth and Valnona you have never thought you’d see. And as you descend you will leave behind you the greatness of the mountains that will remember your steps for years.

Theth ALbania

Check-out the ethnographic museum of Theth Albania

The ethnographic museum of Theth Albania is a traditional house that shows the lifestyle and the way people lived from the past until now.

Visit the lock-in tower of Theth

Its truly amazing to see this dark imposing lock-in tower jutting out of the earth while being surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural backdrops that can be found in Europe.

 This 400 year old tower was used as a temporary sanctuary for people who committed a certain crime in the old days of Lek Dukagjini. Aside from serving as a sanctuary, it was a place where the offender and the offended met to make settlements.
It’s an interesting piece of history that remains from the old school rituals of the highlands, specifically the rule of law in the areas where no formal institution ever set foot, which makes it incredibly unique.

Visit Theth Albania and explore the area to see yourself the miracle of Balkans.