Albania 2 Week Itinerary

Hello readers, summer is approaching, and everybody is rushing to book their vacations. However, we as Sondor Travel are always ahead of time in helping you choose what’s best for you. Summertime means 2 weeks Itinerary in the vacation language, moreover in Albania. Below, we have made a list of Albania 2 week itinerary for […]

Albania Snow

We love all seasons because all of them have something great in them. But, what beats winter time, snow, Albania and snowshoeing time? When the mountains are dressed with a beautiful white dress with a beautiful white veil and seem as they are celebrating life. Winter is when everything is at peace with its existence. […]

What to do in Tirana with Kids

What to do in Tirana with kids is an article about the beautiful city of Tirana, Albania. Tirana is a beautiful city located in the heart of Albania, which is also the capital of Albania. While traveling is all about quality time.  Everyone likes to travel to a foreign country to explore new things but […]