What to do in Tirana with kids is an article about the beautiful city of Tirana, Albania. Tirana is a beautiful city located in the heart of Albania, which is also the capital of Albania. While traveling is all about quality time.  Everyone likes to travel to a foreign country to explore new things but when having kids things are a bit more difficult as you have to find spaces for them to enjoy. However, I had a talk with an Albanian Mom and asked her what to do with Kids in Tirana.

Here we made a list for you as a traveler to enjoy while your kids are enjoying their time. And we want you to know why it’s important to travel with kids. (click here)

Dajti Park

Dajti Park offers outdoor activities for children such as zip line and aerial adventures which can be enjoyed by both children and adults. The easiest way to go to the park is by the cable car where you can get amazing views of Tirana and the green vegetation around. There the children can have fun and you can enjoy sitting in nature and eating at the restaurant which has fantastic food.

Location: Street “Tirane-Dajt”, Km. 8, 1040

Latitude Tirana

When thinking about what to do in Tirana with kids you mostly think about outdoors but there are amazing places indoors as well. So, one of them is the Latitude of Tirana. Which is an indoor aerial super park, boasting 100+ interconnected trampolines, a state of the art climbing zone inclusive of rock climbing walls, bouldering walls, dual Perspex climbing wall, and our famous pink stepping poles. There is a section for kids and one for adults, so all the family can enjoy a day of fun and entertainment. Each session starts every hour so make sure to be there on time.

Location:  Kavaja Street Tirana

What to do in Tirana with kids? Paintball

Who would miss a chance to play paintball with their children? Mezez which is a village near Tirana is located in a paintball field. It is an amazing experience to go there and have a blast at playing with your children. Also, this is not the only paintball place in Tirana there are more. Meanwhile, in Tirana, you could go to Linza where a paintball field is situated. There you can have a great time as well.

Location: Mezez, Kashar, Tirana Albania

The National Sport Park Resort

The national sports park is one of the biggest in Albania. While in this place you can find from restaurants, bars, hotels, pizzerias, swimming pools for kids, tennis fields, football fields, and other activities. Moreover, the place is surrounded by trees which make it more relaxing to stay there. SO, when in Tirana with your children, do not forget to go to the National sports park resort.

Located: Street Siri Kodra, Tirana Albania.

The Grand Park is one must to do in Tirana with Kids.

The Park of the artificial lake is the great park that is located in the southern part of Tirana. In this place you can find important landmarks for you as an adult to enjoy seeing. Also, you can have a coffee or a meal in the places nearby, while your kids are enjoying the amazing playgrounds that are part of the park.  Moreover, the Botanic Garden and the Zoo are located in the southern part of the park. So when thinking about what to do in Tirana with Kids you always have a choice.

Located: Herman Gmeiner, Tirana Albania

Panto Resort Tirana

Who wouldn’t enjoy some horse riding in the middle of the summer while enjoying a swim at the pool? Well, certainly parents with children would. The Panto Resort offers a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the activities it has to offer.

City Park Tirana

City Park is a shopping center which has many activities for children which depend on the seasonality. While the parents are enjoying their shopping or their coffee or meal the children can have a joyful time. There you can find an Aqua Park for the summer and an Ice Rink in the winter. Also, there are many playgrounds.

Blur Entertainment Center

Blur is located near TEG Tirana, and there you can have some quality time interacting with your children. While there, you can enjoy bowling or playing electronic games. Not only, but there is also an area where they invite different animators to play shows for the children. Moreover, what is fantastic is that it is placed in a beautiful landscape.

Tirana Yoga

It is a yoga studio that plans sessions for children and adults outdoors and indoors. So while in Tirana, take a yoga class with your children and enjoy breathing freely and having stress free vacations.

So if you are thinking of traveling to see Tirana take your children with you because for sure Tirana is the place to be. And if you would like some beach vacations the Albanian Coast offers amazing beaches and views.

Turtle Farm

The turtle farm is a little farm just outside Tirana in Daias. The turtle farm is a farm with more than 500 hundred rescued Herman’s turtles and other animals.

Do not hesitate to travel with children, as Sondor Travel is here to help you sort out your vacation plans.