13 Awesome and Essential Things YOU Didn’t Know About Albania

Albania has a lot to offer. If you ever visit, however, you better read these 13 things you didn’t know about Albania. Albania has natural abundance which has made the country a tourist destination for centuries. Unraveling its heritage reveals a distinct and memorable history. Its diverse culture is full of both old and new […]

31 excellent images of Albania after communism.

In this article, you’ll see Albania as you’ve never seen it before. Being from Albania makes Albanian’s very proud because this country is rich in history, heritage, traditions, and culture. After Enver Hoxha’s death, and his communist ideas. Ramiz Alia took over and opened Albania to tourist groups. And many tourists rushed to Albania to […]

8 Adventurous Activities in Tirana

Tirana is a city full of energy and adventure. The more time you spend walking the streets of the city, the more experiences you will stumble upon. Whether you are visiting Tirana for a week, a weekend, or even a day, you will have a wonderful time in our unique city. If you don’t know […]

Best Places to visit in Tirana

When you see the Balkans on the map, your thoughts might go to a country not explored yet. I am talking about Albania, a country not explored to the fullest, with lots of hidden gems waiting to be discovered by seasoned travelers. You wonder “Is Albania worth visiting? Is Tirana worth visiting? What are the […]

Where to find Albanian Traditional food in Tirana

Just like many other countries in the Mediterranean and Balkan region, Albania has a great culinary tradition. This is because its position gives it a rare advantage as this country has only delicious influences from all sides (Turkey, Greece, and Italy). A couple of decades ago, Albanians preferred cooking foreign dishes. But lately, they have […]