Tirana is a city full of energy and adventure. The more time you spend walking the streets of the city, the more experiences you will stumble upon. Whether you are visiting Tirana for a week, a weekend, or even a day, you will have a wonderful time in our unique city. If you don’t know where to get started, read on for a list of some of the best adventurous activities in Tirana.

Off-Road Cycling

Off-road cycling is an easily accessible way to break the routine of your everyday life and explore new places.

In Tirana, I suggest you to start the trip on the small roads that lead you to Dajti Mountain. Aiming to reach the top of the mountain will reward you with views of some amazing landscapes all along your journey. After reaching the top, enjoy some fascinating views of Tirana from above.

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Paragliding in Albania is a sport that is raising interest among the people, both locals and tourists. You can go up Dajti Mountain by cable car, but now you can choose a more adventurous way to go down.

From personal experience, I know that when it is your turn to jump, your heart beats fast and your courage almost fails. As soon as you go for it, your fear evaporates as you enjoy one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

If you are interested in doing this activity in Tirana, go for it. Professionals will lead you every step of the way through this amazing experience.

Hiking Pellumbas Cave

Pellumbas Cave, otherwise called the Black Cave (Shpella e Zeze), is located an hour away from Pellumbas Village. The cave is very deep and is full of stalagmites, stalactites, and a lot of bats flying above your head. After only walking a few meters inside, the temperature drops and the light diminishes. This is a true cave climbing experience!

Recently the cave has become a day trip attraction from Tirana for both foreign and Albanian visitors.

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Cycling Along the Artificial Lake

The Artificial Lake in Tirana is my favorite place to go for a ride in the city. This holds true in any season. The bike lanes go along the lake, weaving in and out of the forested park.
If you are staying in Tirana for work or for fun and you want to do some exercise during the day, don’t hesitate to rent a bicycle and go for a ride.

Rowing and Kayaking in the Artificial Lake

For those who have experienced it, we know that summers in Tirana can be rough. The temperatures get high the humidity certainly doesn’t help. During this time of year, its best to seek out locations where you can breathe some cooler air. The best spots are in the shade of the trees at the park, or, even better, rowing or kayaking along the artificial lake.

Hiking at Cyclops Eye (Syri Ciklopit)

This clear pool is becoming one of the most visited destinations near Tirana. It is attracting a considerable number of local and foreign visitors.
If you want to escape from the noise of the city and enjoy a relaxing day in nature, take your backpack, some snacks and start your trip. When you reach the destination, enjoy the stunning view of Cyclopes Eye and the surrounding nature, and cool down in the clear water after your hike.
To get there: Start your hike from Krraba Village, and follow signs through a narrow pass. your hike should take around 1 hour.