Coronavirus Outbreak and Traveling

Updated March 26 In the latest 24 hours there have been confirmed 28 new cases covid-19 positive out of 103 new tests. So far 174 people have resulted positive with covid-19 and 1144 persons have been tested throughout the country. Last night a 71 year old woman passed away due to corona virus. She was […]

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Albania like you’ve never seen it before

Being from Albania makes Albanian’s very proud because this country is rich in history, heritage, traditions, and culture. After Enver Hoxha’s death, and his communist ideas. Ramiz Alia took over and opened Albania to touristic groups. And many tourists rushed to Albania to explore and discover this country that was so many years under pressure. […]

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Christianity in Albania | Religious Sites

The beginning of Christianity in Illyria dates back to apostolic times In this article, you will read about the history of Christianity in Albania since Illyrian times. And at the end of the article, some religious sites in Albania that you can visit are included. The conclusion of the well-known scholar of the beginnings of Christianity, […]

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Facts about Albania

Fun fact: I will start this article with a fun fact about Albania and Albanians. Albanians will mention 100 reasons why they don’t like Albania, but as soon as you as a foreigner mention 1 they will be very mad and probably will give you 200 reasons why to love Albania. It’s an Albanian thing […]

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How expensive is Albania

Maybe as a tourist you want to know if it is expensive to visit or stay in Albania. Albania is an emerging destination and a relatively cheap country. In this article, we will present to you the prices of the essential thing to live.  Rent and hotels Let’s start with the price of rent if […]

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