Albania Travel Restrictions COVID-19

COVID-19 Albania Travel Advice Covid-19 Testing in Albania Albania Entry and Exit Requirements for COVID-19 The Albanian Government has issued the following protocol to all foreigners who will visit Albania in 2021. For all citizens travelling through the Albanian territory by land: For all citizens travelling to Albania by sea: They should consult the Albanian […]

Where is Albania

Where is Albania located? What continent is Albania on? Where is Albania? What continent is it on? Where Albania is located? Many people ask us these questions. Albania has a 28,748 km² area and is located on the Balkan Peninsula and the Balkan Peninsula is part of the European continent. Albania is actually a very beautiful […]

Albania Travel

The country that will steal your heart Have you ever felt like you don’t belong anywhere? Have you had this sense of wanderlust? Wanderlust is a craving to explore and travel. Even more, it is a craving to experience an unknown place. There is a word in German about missing a place you never experienced. […]

30 Great Facts about Albania

Fun facts about Albania: I will start this article with a fun fact about Albania and Albanians. Albanians will mention 100 reasons why they don’t like Albania, but as soon as you as a foreigner mention 1 they will be very mad and probably will give you 200 reasons why to love Albania. It’s an […]

How expensive is Albania

Maybe as a tourist, you want to know how expensive is Albania. Albania is an emerging destination and a relatively cheap country. In this article, we will present to you the prices of the essential thing to live.  Rent and hotels Let’s start with the price of rent if you want to stay for a […]