Albanian Food

This blog is ALL ABOUT FOOD. Moreover, all about ALBANIAN FOOD. As an experienced traveler I have to say that when traveling, the most important thing after traveling itself is FOOD. Enjoying food is like enjoying life. Before traveling you should get educated about the country you are going to and the types of food […]

24 hours in Durres

While in Albania you should absolutely spend 24 hours in the ancient town of Durres. In this article you will find information on how to spend a day in Durres. Moreover, Durres is the second-largest town in Albania after the capital of Albania. Meanwhile, it’s the first port of the country. Located on the Adriatic […]

Agrotourism farms in Albania

A country’s house is always the ideal place to relax and enjoy nature. A huge number of tourists have shifted their attention from traditional populated places to the rural environment. Meaning, the history of a country still remains important when visiting a place, but so does the tradition. Where to learn about the tradition of […]