While in Albania you should absolutely spend 24 hours in the ancient town of Durres. In this article you will find information on how to spend a day in Durres. Moreover, Durres is the second-largest town in Albania after the capital of Albania. Meanwhile, it’s the first port of the country.

Located on the Adriatic Coast, Durres has a lot of things to offer to the visitors. In Durres, you can find amazing beaches and magnificent archaeological landmarks. Not to forget to mention that in Durres is situated the largest amphitheater of the Balkan Peninsula.

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8 am – Try Byrek as breakfast – 24 hours in Durres

24 hours in Durres

Byrek is a traditional Albanian dish that consists of layers of flakey pastry filled with meat, cottage cheese, or spinach. The simple yet tasty dish can be eaten with any meal or simply as a mid-afternoon snack. The junction of Sheshi Nako Spiru has become locally known as Byrek corner. This is because of the high concentration of Byrek stores in such small vicinity. Plus, if you get down early enough on your 24 hours in Durres, you can get the best Byrek from Byrektore ‘Sejko’. Because later they’re all snapped up by the locals!

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9 am – Then drink a coffee at one of the many cafes

What will catch your eye while visiting any Albanian City or Town is the many Cafés and the thriving cafe culture. As it doesn’t matter what day it is or what time the cafes are always almost full. Friend, families, and people in general having their coffee break at any time possible.

So, if you are in Durres, sit by the sea and grab a cup of coffee or tea and start your day as a true Albanian would. Traveling is all about the experience, and experiencing things like a local would.

Mon Cheri is a cute coffee shop in the city center. Or try Mulliri Vjeter for a cozy spot close to the amphitheater.

10 am – Archaeological Museum of Durrës

24 hours in durres

The name Durres comes from the ancient times when the city was known as Dyrrachion. It used to be an important Roman settlement, making Durres one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic coast. And if you think this town has to offer only beaches and nightlife you are wrong. The biggest amphitheater in Balkans is situated in the town of Durres.

There are many archaeological exhibitions throughout the entire town and as well as in the Archaeological Museum. So, if you ever visit Durres or stay for 24 hours in Durres it is very important to visit the archaeological museum that was established in 1951. The museum is the largest in the country that offers a unique piece of history to the visitors.

Address: Archaeological Musem of Durrës, Taulantia 32 St, Durres, Albania

11 am – Explore the Amphitheatre of Durres


The Amphitheatre of Durres is located in the center of the city. It dates all the way back to the 2nd century AD. It is the largest amphitheater ever built in the Balkans, with an original capacity of 20,000 people. The amphitheater was excavated in 1966 and has since then become an iconic part of the city. Also, one of the most popular things to do in 24 hours in Durres, for Albanians and foreign tourists alike. There is a small charge of just €2 to enter.

12 pm – Stroll past the walls of Durres Castle and spot the Venetian Tower


As you leave the Amphitheater of Durres to go towards the seafront don’t forget to see and admire the city walls that make up the Castle of Durres. Built in the late 5th century the castles have undergone several repairs and still stand to the day. These Roman remains are the town’s most prominent.

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The main part of Durres Castle is a structure called the Venetian Tower which now homes a trendy bar with seating on the roof giving great views over the city and water.

1 pm – Grab Sufllaqe (Gyro) at Chicken House for lunch


This is not the healthiest option for your lunch but it’s Delicious. The Chicken House is a fast-food open 24/7 just a few minutes walk from the beach of Durres. There, you can find standard fast-food such as burgers or Sufllaqe (Gyro). Durres is an amazing town to visit but don’t forget to eat there while you visit.

2 pm – Sneak a peek at the Albanian College

albanian collage

The Albanian College of Durres is one of those colleges which actually makes you want to go back to school! The impressive building looks more like a museum or theatre than a place of education. If the doors are open make sure to sneak a quick peek inside too, to see the equally impressive interior.

3 pm – 5 pm Relax on the beach of Durres


After a busy day of exploring the vibrant city of Durres, it’s time to head slightly south to the gorgeous Durres beach, for some much-needed time to relax. The beach of Durres is the biggest and most visited beach in Albania, lining the seafront of the city itself. Heading to the beach on a sunny day, with its golden sand and shallow blue waters, is one of the most popular things to do in 24 hours in Durres for tourists. There are large stretches of public beach. As well as private areas owned by the beachfront hotels. There you can hire sunbeds for the day even if you’re not a guest.

6 pm – 8 pm  – Evening – 24 hours in Durres


After a long day at the beach, and after the visits to the historical landmarks, you’ll have totally earned a great dinner to end your 10 of 24 hours in Durres. The city is full of great restaurants, but if you have to choose one, the best is Ventus. It is a fancy and elegant restaurant, located on the recently renewed harbor. Try the fish tartar and seafood linguine, two of the best options on the menu. Also, admire the beautiful sea panorama from your table on the terrace.

Address: Ventus, Harbor of Durrës, Durrës, Albania

Ventus can be the best but not the only option. You can also head to Pema e Jetes farm for dinner if you want to have a traditional experience.


You should give some of your 24 hours in Durres to Pema e Jetes. It is a beautiful farm, with an on-site restaurant serving up delicious Albanian dishes, using fresh local ingredients. You can wander around the farm and see the animals. There are some cows, deer, goats, and rabbits, then head inside for the meal. The restaurant serves a whole selection of local delicacies. They serve a platter of home-made cheeses, traditional pickled vegetables, special-of-the-day pasta, and amazingly flavorsome meat dishes. The portions are large, the prices reasonable and the service is always top-notch.

9 pm – Night – 24 hours in Durres

24 hours in Durres

Finish your 24 hours in Durres with dinner and drinks at Poriku Wine Bar and Bistro close to Durres’ seafront. Portiku is a stylish and modern restaurant built within the old city walls of Durres. The old walls are accessible to guests within the restaurant. There is also a glass floor where you can see the ancient ruins below. The restaurant serves a top-class menu of international dishes with an extensive wine menu of Albanian and international wines. Along with its stylish setting and cool atmosphere, you absolutely shouldn’t miss visiting Portiku when visiting Durres!

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