Albania Travel

The country that will steal your heart Have you ever felt like you don’t belong anywhere? Have you had this sense of wanderlust? Wanderlust is a craving to explore and travel. Even more, it is a craving to experience an unknown place. There is a word in German about missing a place you never experienced. […]

All You Need to Know about Ksamil Albania

The beautiful Island of Ksamil Albania Ksamil Albania the hidden corner of Europe, and the jewel on top of the Albanian Crown of best places to visit once in your lifetime. Ksamil is made of three exquisite islands, with a perfect location on the Ionian Sea. Each Island is reachable by a small paddle boat […]

Best Balkan Private Tours – 6 Countries

What is better than booking the best Balkan Private Tours so you can explore all the corners of the place you like, and learn the information and ask questions without being interrupted? The best Balkan Private Tours by Sondor Travel will overwhelm you with unforgettable natural wonders, cultural attractions, ancient temples, and recent past monuments. Best […]

Sarajevo, an ancient and modern town in the same time

It is impossible to imagine Sarajevo without Bascarsia, whose name literally means “the main market”. It is the center of the city or even a city within the city. Built in the fifteenth century, the market or bazaar was originally limited to the square around the public drinking fountain called the Sebilj, before expanding into […]

15 Cool and Unusual Things in Albania

Albania is part of the Balkan region that is made up of several countries which are all rich in culture and traditions. Being beautiful with plenty of outdoor sites for everyone to visit the Balkans is the new most sought-after travel destination in Europe. However, Albania which is a part of the Balkans is not […]