The beautiful Island of Ksamil

Albania’s hidden paradise lies in this small island named Ksamil.

Considered one of the most beautiful destinations of Europe.

Ksamil is a must see in Albania.

Beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters await for you.

This is the perfect destination for you who long for a Mediterranean climate and adventure.

How to Get to Ksamil.

To get to Ksamil Beach, you’ll probably be starting in the port city of Saranda.

From there, it’s a simple 30-minute bus or 10-minute taxi ride.

There are many bus stops scattered around the city.

We recommend going to the one at the intersection o Rruga Mitat Hoxha and Rruga Jonianet to be sure you get a seat.

Buses typically run every 1-2 hours. A bus ticket will cost less than $1.

A taxi will cost you around $5-10 each way, but is much quicker.

If you’re not already in Saranda, we will list a few of the most popular ways to get to Ksamil.

Getting to Saranda (Ksamil) from Corfu

If you want to make your way to Albania from Greece, go through Corfu.

Simply go to the main port in Corfu Town and catch a ferry.

The scenic ride takes around 1-1.5 hour. It will cost you around $25-30 USD during peak season.

Crossing the border in Saranda is very easy and usually only takes a few minutes.

The border agents speak English well and you will have no problems getting into Albania given that you are eligible for a visa on arrival.

If you have a Schengen visa for Greece, you will automatically be granted entry into Albania.

Getting to Saranda from Tirana or elsewhere in Albania

Saranda is about 6-8 hours away by bus or furgon (minibus) from Tirana. Buses leave a few times a day from the Southern Bus Terminal near “Dogana”.

It’s also quite easy to get to Saranda from any point on the Albanian Riviera (Durres, Vlora, Dhermi, or Himara).

Himara is about 2 hours away from Saranda; Dhermi – 2.5; Vlora – 3.5 or 4; Durres – 5. 

These are all rough estimates and will depend on different factors like traffic.

Things to Do near Ksamil

Saranda is the largest city in southern Albania.

It is not a typical tourist destination like Ksamil, but here you get the chance to experience daily life and Albanian culture.

Along the boardwalk, you will find a couple of cozy restaurants and bars that serve good drinks. But also nearby is located the Lekursi Castle which is a great thing to see while in Saranda. The views from Lekursi Castle are outstanding.

Syri i Kalter
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Syri i Kalter is a beautiful natural phenomenon which is about 50 minutes drive from Ksamil.

Syri i Kalter, with its crystal clear water, is also known as the blue eye. This is because of a part of the lake where bubbles rise from an underwater spring, creating a dark blue color.

This contrast makes it look like an eye, and hence the name “the blue eye.”

The easiest way to get here is by car, but there are also guided tours.

However, by car, you can also visit other attractions in the same day such as Butrint or Gjirokaster.


Butrint National Park houses the well-preserved ruins of an ancient city.

These ruins are included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Here, find an old amphitheater, monastery, watchtowers and a fort.

Butrint is about 20 minutes away from Ksamil by bus. Stroll along the olive groves if you still have energy afterwards.


Approximately 2 hours by car from Ksamil lies the historic town of Gjirokaster.

This city is also well on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites. The main reason for this is the old fort perched on top of the town.

The traditional stone houses serve to bolster this claim. Gjirokaster is a nice day trip where you can stroll around the ancient alleys and learn more about the Albanian culture and history.

The easiest way to get here is by car, but there are also daily mini-busses from Saranda.

Check also this 5 beaches of Ksamil.

Restaurants in Ksamil Albania
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A restaurant overlooking the islands with a balcony right by the beach, here you can enjoy some of the sweetest moments.

You can taste the best selection of local ingredients, seafood, vegetables and pizza. It offers friendly service.

Make sure you try the fish dishes – especially pizza with seafood. Bookings for private events are always available.

Address: In front of islands


ARTURI in Ksamil

A restaurant overlooking the sea with a terrace right by the beach. It offers fresh seafood cooking and homemade pizza.

In addition, enjoy hospitality and friendly service.

Address: At the entrance of Ksamil

Contacts :+355692543932

Email: [email protected]

Deti Jon

This restaurant located in the center of Ksamil. This is the perfect setting for private celebrations and events.

Mediterranean cuisine is made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Bookings for private events are always available. 

Address: First center of Ksamil Albania.

Contacts: +355692767955                 


Restaurant & Pizza Abiori serves breakfast, lunch and dinner near to the beach.

Enjoy mediterranean cuisine with a full view of the islands. Here you can taste delicious pizza with seafood.

Bookings for celebrations are always available.

Address: In front of islands

Contacts: +355699754558

Email: [email protected]


Pulbardha Restaurant brings you the flavors of the Mediterranean. Here you can taste fresh seafood and seasonal dishes made with local ingredients.

Its location is spectacular as well. Find it overlooking the sea with a perfect view to the white-stone beach. 

Address: At the entrance of Ksamil, on the right side

Contacts: +355692886141

Find more restaurants here.

Ksamil, Albania has so much to offer, get ready for more articles from us about Ksamil and what you can do there!