Albania’s Best Destinations in 2019

For many, Albania is relatively unknown. However, with its beauty, fascinating history and culture dating back thousands of years, it has a lot to offer. On top of that, it is both safe and affordable. With more airlines offering cheap flights, it’s about to become much more accessible. Here you can read about Albania’s best […]

What You Need to Know About Berat, Albania

The Legend The legend of Berat, Albania is almost as romantic and grand as the place itself. According to the legend there were two giant brothers, Mt. Tomor (in the east) and Mt. Shpirag (in the west). They went on wars together and fought side by side against the enemies. Until, they both met a […]

What to Visit in Korça

Korçë is a city in southeastern Albania. It is the sixth largest city in Albania. It stands on a plateau some 850 meters above sea level in the heart of the Morava Mountains. These places to visit in Korça will immerse you into the history, culture, and fun of this beautiful region.       […]

Adventure Holidays in Albania

Want some ideas for what to do during your adventure holiday to Albania? Read on! Start your adventure in Tirana and from there take the cable car up Dajti Mountain. It is the longest cable car in the Balkans, taking 15 minutes to reach the top. While on the mountain, walk through the forest and […]

Albanian Winter Snow Destinations

If you are looking for a new place to spend your winter holidays then welcome to Albania. We love all seasons because all of them have something great in them. When the mountains are dressed in a beautiful white dress with a beautiful white veil and seems as they are celebrating life. Winter is when […]