Adventure Trekking in the Peaks of the Balkans – Self Guided

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8 days

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About this tour

Embark on a captivating 8-day journey with our “Peaks of the Balkans” tour, an expertly crafted adventure that takes you across the rugged landscapes of Albania, Montenegro, and Kosovo. This tour offers an exclusive exploration of the Peaks of the Balkans, an area rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Your Peaks of the Balkans adventure begins from Podgorica Airport, followed by a scenic drive to the serene village of Theth, a gem nestled in the heart of Northern Albania’s mountains. As you traverse this unique trail, experience the tranquillity of Lake Koman, a highlight of the Albanian Peaks of the Balkans.

Venture towards Vusanje, crossing lush blueberry fields that capture the essence of the Montenegro Balkans, before heading to the panoramic heights of Bor Peak. The Peaks of the Balkans trail leads you through the unspoiled wilderness of Montenegro and the serene trails of Plav, culminating at the crystal-clear Hrid Lake.

The Peaks of the Balkans hike is not just about the scenery; it’s also about the local life. Babino Polje, a vibrant village steeped in tradition, awaits exploration. Experience the thrill of reaching the converging point of Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania, offering an unparalleled view from an elevation of 2340m above sea level.

Cross into Albania and navigate the emerald alpine pastures leading to the charming Sylbice huts. Experience a slice of Albanian life in the Peaks of the Balkans as you refresh yourself at a local glacial lake before embarking on a thrilling 4×4 ride to Koman Lake, one of Northern Albania’s main attractions.

The final leg of our Peaks of the Balkans tour invites you to explore Tirana, the vibrant capital of Albania. Walk the city streets and immerse yourself in its rich history and culture before we transport you to the Mother Theresa International Airport, marking the end of your unforgettable Balkan adventure.

Join us on the Peaks of the Balkans tour, a truly immersive journey where each day presents a new adventure, a historical insight, and a breathtaking view of the Balkans’ peaks. Discover the undiscovered and let your spirit of adventure soar in the Peaks of the Balkans.


  • Uncover the allure of the tranquil village of Theth in Northern Albania
  • Experience the charm of Montenegro
  • Discover amazing views of Albania - Kosovo - Montenegro
  • Explore the vibrant cities of Tirana and Podgorica


  • Accommodation for 7 nights in guesthouses, huts and one night in a 4* Hotel (Tirana)
  • Transfers by car day 1, 7, 8
  • Luggage transportation by horse and /or 4x4 (day 2, 3, 4,5 )
  • Ferry ticket (day 7)
  • 5 lunches (as picnic lunch)
  • 6 dinners
  • Border crossing procedures
  • Sondor Travel’s assistance
  • What's not mentioned


The day unfolds with your arrival at Podgorica Airport. From here, our local driver escorts you to the serene village of Theth in Northern Albania, a scenic 3.5-hour journey. Depending on your arrival time, you can take a leisurely stroll through this charming village or simply unwind at our local guesthouse.

Today you will start your hike towards Montenegro, departing from the upper parts of Theth. Navigate village trails, guided by your GPS, to Peja Pass. Traverse relics of Albania's communist past and hike to an elevation of 1740m, before continuing to Montenegro. Your day concludes at the village of Vusanje, with an option to refresh at the Oko Skakavice natural water pool.

Distance covered: 18 km

Overnight: Vusanje (FB)

Luggage transportation by horses

Today you’ll start hiking from the village of Vusanje to the town of Plav in Montenegro. Your gps will lead you through a path of blueberry fields where you’ll get amazing views of Zla Kolata, the highest mountain in Montenegro.
After a short break, you’ll start the climb to Bor Peak (2100 m). From this peak, you’ll get an expansive view of Gusinje Valley, Plav and a preview of the mountains in Kosovo where you’ll be hiking in the upcoming days. You’ll even get a view of Mount Gjeravica, the highest mountain of Kosovo.
From Bor Peak, you’ll take a trail through a forest of beech trees and then down through until we reach the city of Plav.

Distance Covered: 16 km

Overnight: Plav, Montenegro

Luggage transportation by car

Commence the fourth day of your "Peaks of the Balkans" adventure with a challenging yet rewarding hike from Plav to Babino Polje, one of the longest in our Via Dinarica Tour. Covering approximately 22 kilometers, this trail offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of the Balkans.

Starting from the town of Plav, which sits at the foothills of the Prokletije mountain range, your path will take you through the vast landscapes that are characteristic of the Peaks of the Balkans. As you ascend, take in the spectacular vistas of the surrounding peaks, each with their own stories etched into their rugged contours.

Our hike leads us to the glacial Hrid Lake, a serene body of water nestled amidst the mountains. The tranquil ambiance of the lake offers a perfect respite for weary trekkers. If the weather permits, seize the opportunity to dive into the cool waters of the lake for a revitalizing swim amidst this idyllic setting. As you take your break, appreciate the untouched beauty that envelops the Peaks of the Balkans.

Leaving the calmness of Hrid Lake behind, we continue our journey towards Babino Polje. This segment of the hike takes you through an old forest, a treasure trove of biodiversity, echoing with the whispers of ancient tales. As you navigate the dense canopy, feel the refreshing coolness of the forest air and listen to the soothing sounds of nature that make hiking in the Peaks of the Balkans a truly magical experience.

On our way to Babino Polje, we will also pass through small, quaint villages that are only inhabited in the summer. These villages serve as a testament to the traditional way of life in the Balkans, adding a cultural flavor to our journey.

Finally, we reach the vibrant village of Babino Polje, the endpoint of today's trek. As we arrive, the welcoming aura of the village will make you forget the fatigue of the day's hike, leaving you excited about the next day's adventure in the Peaks of the Balkans.

Distance covered: 22 km

Overnight: Babino Polje village, Montenegro (FB)

Luggage transportation Plav – Babinopolje

Border Procedure covered by Sondor

Kickstart the fifth day of your Peaks of the Balkans adventure by strolling down the gravel path from Babino Polje, passing through charming small settlements like Gorazdevac. Today's journey takes an exciting turn as you ascend to one of the highest points in the area, standing at a mighty altitude of 2340 m above sea level. This is the unique converging point of the borders of Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania, offering you a panorama of all three countries.

As you traverse along these borderlines, you are treated to striking vistas of the local villages nestled amidst the mountains, and you get a glimpse into the shepherd's life that reflects the region's rich culture. As you descend from the peak, you make your way to the summer village of Beleg in Kosovo.

This idyllic village, which is inhabited only during the warmer months, marks the end of today's trek. Nestled amid lush pine trees, Beleg provides the perfect setting to wrap up a day full of exploration and new experiences.

Distance covered: 14 Km.

Overnight: Beleg, Kosovo (FB)

Luggage transportation by horse from Babino Polje to Sylbice. This means that the group will not have the luggage on the night they sleep in Beleg, and they need to have all the necessary things in their hiking bags.

On the sixth day, leave behind Beleg, Kosovo, and venture towards Sylbicë, Albania. Today's route takes you across the border and into Albania's verdant alpine pastures leading to the welcoming Sylbicë huts. Beginning your trek at an altitude of 1800m, aim for the Ali Cela Pass, perched at 2227m, which gifts you with breath-taking vistas of Albania's icy glacial lakes.

If the weather permits, consider making a slight detour to explore one of these captivating glacial lakes. The Dashi glacial lake, for instance, presents the perfect location for a picnic lunch and a refreshing swim amidst the tranquillity of nature.

The culmination of the day's hike brings you to a cozy private guesthouse in Sylbicë, where a taste of authentic Albanian hospitality awaits. Our gracious host is eager to share his home with us, promising a comfortable night's rest after a day of exhilarating trekking.

Distance covered: 12 Km
Overnight at Sylbicë Huts (HB)

Begin the seventh day of your Peaks of the Balkans journey by embarking on a 2.5-hour 4x4 journey that leads you to the ferry for Koman Lake. Constructed in 1970 for hydroelectric power generation, Koman Lake has now become one of the prime attractions of Northern Albania, sharing the spotlight with the stunning Shala river.

Enjoy a 2.15-minute ferry voyage across this mesmerizing man-made lake, letting the surrounding scenic beauty captivate your senses. As you reach the lake's far shore, a transfer awaits to whisk you off to Albania's vibrant capital city, Tirana.

The time of arrival in Tirana could allow for a guided stroll through this bustling city, where modern vibrancy meets rich history. An overnight stay in Tirana gives you a chance to soak in the city's atmosphere, capping off another fascinating day on your Peaks of the Balkans tour.

Transfers: Sylbicë to Fierze (by 4x4), ferry across Koman Lake, Koman to Tirana.
Overnight: Tirana (BB)

Today you will be transferred to the Mother Theresa International Airport which is about 40 minutes away from Tirana center. End of the tour.


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