Theth to Valbona Day Hike

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Theth, Albania
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6 hours

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Daily Tour

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About this tour

Theth to Valbona day hike  from Theth or Valbona is thought of as a recreational activity that can be done for a full day from those travelers who are currently staying in Theth for more than one day. This tour will be memorable one as you tackle one of the best known hikes of northern Albania. The beautiful Alps are nestled in the north of the country and will leave you mesmerized. A fascinating trip that will always be in your mind. Moreover, you will get to see for yourself the magnificent Alps, that everybody considers a wonder of this place.

Details about the Theth to Valbona Day Hike

Depending on you physical strength it takes from 4-5 hours up to 8 hours to finish the hike from Valbona to Theth.

There are at least 2 popular places you can stop for a coffee, food or refreshments.

Zefi coffee shop is found on your way to Theth about 1 km down from Valbona Pass. Whereas in hours from the pass to the coffee shop it takes about 1 hour.

Simoni cafe is situated near the water spring of Valbona so it is a nice place to take a break as you are hiking up to Valbona Pass.


Depending from where you will start it might take from 12 to 23 km to finish the hike, starting at 800-850 m up to 1800 m (Valbona Pass) and then down to 850 m.

Why Hike from Theth to Valbona

Because you don’t want to miss the breathtaking views from Valbona Pass of both Theth Valley and Valbona National Park.

Another reason is to experience this century old hiking trail which used to connect valleys together through the selling goods and even keep the strong ties between clans through intermarriages.

In this adventure, you will leave behind the noise of the crowd and cars and you will immerse yourself in the beauty of what nature has to offer. However, this tour is more than beautiful nature, it is extraordinary landscapes and important landmarks. This tour will take you back to a time when people had no cell phones and weren’t chained or prone to the technology as much as today. The National Parks from Valbona to Theth offer you picturesque views of waterfalls with crystal clear blue waters and rivers.

This day hike from Valbona to Theth will be one you will never forget. The place is as beautiful as it looks in the pictures and more. Get your hiking shoes ready because we are going to take you on an adventure in the middle of the mountains. The hike is approximately 6 hours long.



  • Mesmerizing views of Valbona and Theth
  • Hiking experience that will leave you amazed
  • Horse luggage transportation


  • Local Guide, meaning trail leader Non-English Speaking just leads the way towards Theth
  • Horse luggage transportation (soft bags not suitcases) 10kg per person
  • Tour Leader in English or other languages


Starting point: Theth or Valbona
Ending Point: Valbona or Theth
If you want to move from one side to the other and have baggage, we offer horses that would hold your baggage from one side to the other.

We meet at your guesthouse where you are in Valbona or Theth and then we start our day hike. The hike is approximately 6 hours. If you want to sleep one night in Theth and then go back we recommend you to take a soft bag as we are going to transport your luggage by horse! The hiking is rewarding and moderate. You will see the beautiful Valley of Valbona and the waterfall of Blue eye on the way. This mountain range is considered a thing to do before you die. The views from both sides are mesmerizing.


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Theth, Albania


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