Best of Southern Via Dinarica: A Hiker’s Dream

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13 Days

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Daily Tour

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12 people



About this tour

Discover the Via Dinarica, the pinnacle of Balkan hiking trails, where you will encounter 13 days of exceptional beauty and adventure. This Southern Via Dinarica journey is not just a hike, but an immersive cross-border experience, covering Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

The Via Dinarica trail spans nearly 2000 km, winding its way across Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania. Our carefully curated Via Dinarica tour will expose you to remote terrains adorned with wildflowers, striking peaks, and the welcoming arms of local hospitality. You’ll quickly understand why Via Dinarica was named National Geographic Traveller’s “Best of the World” destination in 2017.

This Via Dinarica adventure is designed for seasoned hikers. We’ve combined the exhilaration of challenging hikes with the unique cultural experience of the region. The Via Dinarica journey offers a peek into traditional shepherd hospitality, breathtaking mountain scenery, and picturesque mountain villages. Our guides, seasoned experts of the Via Dinarica trail, will lead you through the stunning landscapes, enhancing your experience at every step.

Accommodations along the Via Dinarica trail are as varied as the scenery itself. Over the course of 13 nights, you’ll be hosted in local hotels, guesthouses, and family-owned shepherd huts. Meals, transportation, and luggage assistance are all part of the package, allowing you to fully immerse in the Via Dinarica experience.

Whether you’re part of a small group (4-12 participants) or opting for a private tour, we tailor our service to ensure a personalized Via Dinarica adventure. The journey begins in Tirana and concludes in Rubik, Albania, with transportation provided to the starting and end point. Our Via Dinarica tours run from the end of May to the end of September, offering you the ideal window to explore the beauty of the region.

Experience the Via Dinarica trail as never before in this Hiker’s Dream tour. Contact us if you need more information regarding pricing details or special request. Let us guide you through the soul of the Balkans on this unforgettable Via Dinarica adventure.


  • Traverse the spectacular landscapes of Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro
  • Marvel at the abundance of wildflowers, towering peaks, and secluded mountain villages
  • Experience genuine shepherd hospitality, stay in family-owned mountain huts
  • Explore the Via Dinarica with seasoned local guides, who'll offer insightful storytelling


  • Accommodation for 12 nights in 3* hotels, Guesthouses and Huts
  • Transportation and short group transfers
  • Luggage transportation while hiking
  • Tour Guide throughout
  • Local guides based on group size
  • Ferry tickets for Koman Lake
  • 10 Lunches
  • 11 Dinners
  • Border Crossing procedures and Sondor support
  • Gratuities


Start Tirana, Albania

Welcome to Albania! Our Southern Via Dinarica adventure begins in the vibrant city of Tirana. After landing at Tirana International Airport, you'll drive approximately 45 minutes to reach the heart of the capital.

Exploring Tirana

Depending on the group's arrival times, you'll embark on an introductory tour of Tirana led by your local guide. Known for its colorful Ottoman-, Fascist- and Soviet-era architecture, Tirana offers an intriguing blend of history and modernity. As you navigate the bustling streets, your guide will help unravel the city's rich tapestry of influences and historical narratives.

Evening Briefing

In the evening, your tour leader will hold a comprehensive briefing, outlining the thrilling experiences awaiting you on the Southern Via Dinarica trail. This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow hikers, ask any questions, and prepare for the days to come.

Hotel Sky2 or similar

Exploring Northern Albania and Koman Lake

As the sun rises over Tirana, we'll set off on the next leg of our Via Dinarica journey, heading north towards Koman Lake. We'll embark on a scenic ferry ride through the stunning waters of Koman Lake, a journey lasting approximately 2 hours. This ride through the heart of the Albanian portion of the Via Dinarica trail is an ideal time to sit back, relax, and soak in the inspiring landscapes around you.

Bujan Village and Mic Sokoli Tower

After disembarking, our Via Dinarica adventure continues as we drive to the charming village of Bujan. Here, we'll explore a historic turret tower dedicated to the local hero, Mic Sokoli. As we delve into the rich traditions and architectural features of this 200-year-old structure, you'll gain deeper insights into the culture that permeates the Via Dinarica trail.

Hike to Tropojë

Following our visit to Bujan, we'll lace up our hiking boots for a 1.5-hour walk along the Via Dinarica route to the village of Tropojë. Once the administrative center of the Tropoja district, Tropojë offers a glimpse into the everyday life of the locals living along the Via Dinarica.

Aste Guesthouse

Meals Included: B L D

Distance Covered: 7 Km

Embark on an invigorating journey today as we ascend from Tropoje village, nestled at 360m, and gradually ascend to the quaint Sylbicë huts perched at 1650m. Our trek will predominantly be along the picturesque Tropoja river. As we embark on this scenic trail, we'll navigate through sporadically scattered houses leading us towards the historic Grad watermill - a journey estimated to take around an hour.

Once we've filled our bottles and rested a while, we prepare for a thrilling steep climb leading us towards a rustic gravel road. A brief 15-minute walk from here will transport us to a charming local coffee shop. Here, you can enjoy traditional refreshments and savor the unique flavor of Turkish coffee, a staple in these parts.

Our day concludes at one of the rustic, albeit basic, local hut. Although simple, these huts offer a profound connection with the local community and the abundant natural beauty surrounding you. This memorable day offers an incredible blend of physical challenge and cultural immersion, truly encapsulating the unique spirit of the Via Dinarica.

Sylbica Huts

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Distance covered: 18 km / 11 miles

Hiking: 7 hours

Our journey today transitions from the bucolic highlands of Sylbice in Albania to the serene Beleg pastures in Kosovo. Setting off at an elevation of 1650m, we gradually ascend to the scenic 2200m high Doberdol Pass. Veering right from here, we navigate past secluded huts and undertake a rewarding climb to the pinnacle of Ali Çela Pass, standing at 2227m.

As we traverse this route, you'll capture sights of the unique tri-border peak, where the territories of Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro converge. From the vantage point of Ali Çela Pass, you can admire the captivating Dashi Lake, a natural glacial marvel, as well as the lush alpine pastures of Doberdol.

Post this climb, we move onto more level terrain. Here, you can relish a relaxing picnic lunch adjacent to the picturesque Tropoja glacial lake, a jewel in Kosovo's natural crown. Energized from lunch, we complete the remaining two hours of our day's journey.

Our accommodation for the night is a charming hut, nestled amid a dense pine forest. Locals laud these surroundings for their beneficial health properties.

Transportation for your luggage is provided by our trusty horse companions, adding a rustic charm to this memorable expedition on the Via Dinarica trail.

Belegu huts
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Distance covered: 11 km

Hiking: 6 hours

Our expedition on the Via Dinarica continues as we set out from the serene Belegu pastures, making our way towards Milisevac (Milishevc) in Kosovo. Our path, which is less densely forested, leads us towards the charming Prilep huts.

The trek towards Prilep huts is relatively relaxed, offering occasional ventures along abandoned gravel roads. Once in Prilep, we'll pause for a well-deserved coffee break and a savory local lunch. This off-the-beaten-track location remains largely untouched by the tourist wave of the Peaks of the Balkan trail. The unexpected warmth of local hospitality will surely delight and surprise even the seasoned traveler.

Post our restful pause in Prilep, we continue our journey towards Milishevac huts, marking the completion of our day's exploration. Immersed in the pristine nature and unique cultural experiences of Kosovo, our Via Dinarica adventure becomes an evermore memorable journey.

Milishevc huts
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance covered: 13 km
Hiking: 6-7 hours

Our journey on the sixth day of our Via Dinarica exploration commences at an elevation of 1600m, gradually ascending up to 2150m over a distance of 6km. Upon reaching the summit, we are rewarded with panoramic views of the Roshkodol, Milishevc, and Prilep pastures – truly a sight to behold.

From this vantage point, our trail levels out, and we prepare for an extensive descent of approximately 7km through the enchanting forest, ultimately reaching the Rugova camp. Given the length of the descent through this sometimes muddy forest trail, we'll punctuate our journey with brief breaks to ensure our feet get some rest.

Upon concluding our woodland descent, we'll be transferred to the welcoming Reka e Allages guesthouse. Here, you can rest and recuperate after the day's adventures, surrounded by the tranquility of the Kosovo countryside on the Via Dinarica trail.

Ariu Guesthouse

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Distance covered: 16 km

Hiking: 8 Hours

Our journey on the seventh day of the Via Dinarica expedition takes us along the scenic periphery of Hajla Mountain. This walk navigates us along the border with Montenegro, as Hajla Mountain forms the natural divide between the two countries.

When blessed with clear weather, this trail offers breathtaking views of the expansive Rugova valley. The panoramas encountered on this trek are some of the most stunning in Kosovo, providing vivid reminders of the natural beauty that the Via Dinarica trail has to offer. As you take in these spectacular views, your connection with the landscape deepens, adding another memorable chapter to your Via Dinarica adventure.

Hotel Magra Austria

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Distance covered: 12 km

Hiking: 7 Hours

On the eighth day of our Via Dinarica adventure, we commence with a scenic drive to Kuqishte huts, a journey spanning approximately 12 km. From here, our hike begins, leading us through the verdant forest and onwards to the tranquil Kuqishte Lake.

After a brief respite by the serene lake, we continue our hike, veering to the left towards another smaller, yet equally charming, lake. This stage of our journey involves a mild climb, transitioning from the forested path to the open meadows, where we can appreciate the abundant local flora.

We pause for a lunch break at a mountain pass, where the vistas are truly mesmerizing. Rejuvenated post-lunch, we continue our journey along the border between Kosovo and Montenegro, adding a cross-border dimension to our journey. Our day concludes with a descent into Babino Polje in Montenegro, the end point of another fulfilling day on the Via Dinarica trail.

Triangle Woodhouse

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Distance covered: 15 km

Hiking: 7 Hours

The ninth day of our Via Dinarica journey kicks off from our guesthouse in Babino Polje, leading us along a forested trail until we intersect a road track. We continue our journey to the edge of the village, re-entering the enchanting forest once more. The path, clearly marked, guides us towards the serene Hrid Lake.

Weather permitting, the lake offers an idyllic spot for a refreshing swim and some peaceful downtime amidst the natural surroundings. Leaving the lake behind, our journey resumes as we navigate a sequence of rolling hills, finally culminating in the vibrant city of Plav.

With a distance of approximately 22 km, today's trek is one of the longest in our Via Dinarica itinerary. But it's also filled with a variety of stunning natural vistas and unique experiences, adding to the charm and appeal of the Via Dinarica trail.

Hotel Lake View or similar

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Distance covered: 22 km

Hiking: 8 Hours

On the tenth day of our Via Dinarica adventure, we'll be transferred via an asphalt road, transitioning onto a gravel route leading to the starting point of our day's trek. From here, our path winds through a forest brimming with majestic beech trees, opening up into lush meadows.

Following a brief respite and hydration stop, we begin our climb towards the majestic Bor Peak, ascending to an elevation of 2100m. From this summit, the panoramic views encompass the expansive Gusinje and Plav valleys, as well as the mountain ranges spanning Kosovo and Albania. You can even glimpse Gjeravica, the highest mountain in Kosovo.

The subsequent segment of our journey takes us along a picturesque trail through a field of blueberries, with the imposing backdrop of Zla Kolata, Montenegro's highest peak, looming ahead. This exciting day promises a mix of breathtaking vistas and engaging trails on the Via Dinarica route.

Dedushi Guesthouse or similar

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Distance covered: 15 km

Hiking: 8 Hours

On day eleven of our Via Dinarica journey, we'll rely on off-road vehicles to transport both us and our luggage to Zastan huts. From this point, we continue on foot towards the captivating Jezerca lakes, while our luggage, carried by our dependable equine companions, takes an alternate route.

The trail towards the lakes meanders through a dense forest, which can lead to considerable perspiration on warmer days. Hence, it's crucial to ensure sufficient hydration supplies, as this path lacks natural water sources. Despite the challenge, this part of the Via Dinarica trail immerses you in nature's solitude, making the journey as rewarding as the destination.

Hotel Margjeka or similar

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Distance covered: 12 km

Hiking: 7 Hours

We start from the quiet Valbona Valley to the historical richness of Kosovo, particularly the old town of Prizren. We set out from Valbona at 8:30, arriving in Prizren around 11:00.

In Prizren, we'll embark on a guided tour of the city, encompassing iconic landmarks like The League of Prizren, Sinan Pasha Mosque, and the charming old town center. Following our exploration and a delightful local lunch in Prizren, we'll embark on a two-hour drive to the quaint village of Rubik.

Once we're comfortably settled in our hotel in Rubik, we'll round off the day with a leisurely two-hour stroll through the peaceful village. This day promises a blend of historical insight and serene village charm, adding to the diverse experiences of the Via Dinarica trail.

Hotel Marubi

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Distance covered: 220 km

Driving and sightseeing: 7 Hours

End Tirana Airport

Today we start from Rubik and head to Tirana International Airport for those on group departure. It takes about 1.15 min to reach the Airport from Rubik.


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