Albanian Riviera Itinerary, this article is going to take you to the south of Albania. A place where two seas meet, a place of pebbly and sandy beaches. Moreover, a place of crystal clear waters and hidden beaches that waits for you to discover. A place of wonders. When deciding to visit a country you should make an itinerary before, where you will go and what you will visit. This is the reason we made for you an itinerary in the Albanian Riviera. However, this itinerary we made is so you can enjoy the beach but not miss the important historical landmarks.

Albanian Riviera Itinerary: 7 Days in Albania

The Albanian Riviera is a must to see once in your lifetime. While the Riviera was discovered when backpackers were traveling around Europe and where captivated by its beauty.

Day 1 of Albanian Riviera Itinerary: Mother Teresa Airport – Tirana

You arrive at the airport and our tour leader welcomes you and transfers you to your hotel for rest.


If time allows we can include the following activity: Cable Car to Dajti Mountain, which is one of the top Tirana’s attractions and one of the longest cableways in the Balkans. Next to have a guided walk of Tirana where we visit Tirana New Bazaar and Scanderbeg Square recently renovated giving a modern look to the capital city.

Day 2: Tirana – Karavasta Lagoon – Llogara National Park

We drive to the Divjaka region to visit the largest lagoon in Albania and one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea, spanning in an area of 42 km2 (16 sq mi). There it is possible to see Dalmatian pelican; 6.4% of Europe’s population of the Dalmatian pelican lives in Karavasta Lagoon.

In the afternoon we drive for about 2 hours to reach Llogara National Park where we will be accommodated for the night. Next, we can take a walk to the Ceasar Pass, which is about a 1-hour walk from Llogara Hotel.
Llogara National Park is known for its vibrant flora and fauna with over 100 different types of animals and birds. Which include deer, wild cats, foxes, etc, where you can actually meet with the deer in person. The mixture of refreshing high altitude mountain air and the proximity of the sea makes it a very attractive destination for tourists. The area is also important for the growth of eco-tourism, picnic, hiking, and air sports.

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Day 3 of Albanian Riviera Itinerary: LlogaraDhermi (Drymades) Walking – Himara

Day’s 3 activity will be walking Llogara National Park descending down to the coast. We start from the altitude of 1000m all the way down to the coast. ( approx 4 hrs)


Day 4: Himara – Jale Beach – Gjipe Beach – Himara (Stand Up Paddle)

This day we will travel to Jale beach ( approx 20 mins) driving along with the Albanian coastal towns where we will have the opportunity to stop and enjoy the amazing vistas of the Ionian Coastline.
Moreover, when we reach Jalë beach we will paddle toward Gjipe beach which is a secluded beach. Getting there is possible either walking or using the stand-up paddles.
In Gjipe Beach we can spend the day relaxing and do a 1-hour walk inside the canyon.

albanian riviera itinerary

Day 5 of Albanian Riviera Itinerary: Himara village – Qeparo (Kayaking) Himara Village

We will drive to the Peninsula of Porto Palermo.
This day in the kayak will last about 5 hours and in this segment will be able to visit the largest number of small beaches.

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Day of Albanian Riviera Itinerary 6: Himara Village – Tirana

After this day we leave towards the city of Tirana.
Upon arrival free time at your own in the city.

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Day 7: Departure Tirana – End of the 7-day itinerary in the Albanian Riviera.

After breakfast and depending on the departure, we transfer you to the airport.

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Albanian Coast: 9 Days exploring the Albanian Riviera, Itinerary

Albanian Coast Tour will take you to the stunning beaches that Albanians boast, and they have every reason to. Whether you like luxuriating on sandy beaches or exploring rocky ones, you can find it in Albania. The weather is perfect during the beginning and end of the summer, and the seafood is fresh and delicious year-round.

Day 1. Shkodër

Enter Albania through the Muriqan border checkpoint. Visit Shkodër and Apollonia archeological site. In the afternoon arrive in Vlorë, a city dating back to the 6th century BC.


Day 2 of the itinerary of the Albanian Riviera. Vlorë – Radhimë

We will visit Narta lagoon and Zvërnec island. Moreover, for the rest of the day, we will relax and swim in the turquoise waters of the Ionian sea.

albanian riviera itinerary

Day 3 of the itinerary of the Albanian Riviera. Vlorë – Saranda

Breakfast in Vlorë. We will pass through the cities of Llogara, Himara, Borsh and finally to Saranda where we will be accommodated.

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Day 4. Saranda – Butrint

Breakfast in Sarande. We will visit the archeological and cultural centers of Butrint, Ksamil, Lekures, and Syri i Kalter.

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Day 5. Saranda

We will visit the city of Saranda itself. Moreover, the rest of the day will be spent at leisure on Saranda beach.

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Day 6. Saranda – Durrës

Breakfast in Saranda. We will return to the city of Durres. However, on our way back we will visit the cities of Gjirokaster and Berat as well as their castles and museums. In the afternoon we arrive in Durres. Also, the remainder of the day is spent at leisure.

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Day 7. Durrës

We will visit the city of Durrës, spending most of the day at leisure on the beach.

Day 8. Tirana – Kruja

We will make a day trip to the cities of Tirana and Kruja where will see different historic and archeological sites, among other attractions.


Day 9. Durrës

Finally, the group will travel to the Airport where our tour will end.

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