How to spend a week in Albania

Imagine you have a week to spend it anywhere in the world but you haven’t actually seen much of Balkans yet.

This article is about how to spend a week in Albania and what to do while in Albania.

Below we have chosen for you how to spend a week in Albania

How to spend a summer week in Albania

The Ionian Riviera is where to spend a week in Albania

Albania is a place of hospitable people, great food, a wonderful culture and a rugged mountainous landscape. A week in Albania during the summer means beaches. Moreover, Albania has a wonderful coastline that is perfect for everyone who loves adventure and nature. Crystal clear waters in all the shades of blue and turquoise, sandy and pebbly beaches, pink and golden sunsets and gorgeous views.

a week in albania

The Albanian Riviera is a must to experience once in your lifetime. While, this coast was discovered by backpackers who were captivated by it’s beauty and couldn’t resist but share.

Albania is a land of magical views, wonderful sunsets and amazing landscapes. So, while planning to travel Albania get ready to see everything. In Albania everything is possible. The Riviera shines through the Map and the villages and towns nestled in the coastline look like from a fairytale.

However, we have prepared this tour just for you a week in the Albanian Riviera, and depending on your flight you could see the marvels of Tirana as well.

The next day we are going to take you to the wild, where you can feel like an explorer in a jungle. The Karavasta Lagoon is a great opportunity to experience the wildlife, you will get to see the Dalmatian Pelicans and if you are lucky enough, you might see a flock of Flamingos as well.

Afterwards your real journey begins. The Albanian Riviera calls for adventure. Get ready to see this hidden gem of Europe before it gets overcrowded. The Riviera is a real treasure.

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a week in albania

A snowy week in Albania

While the winter is considered the most beautiful season of the year, we do not disappoint with what we have chosen for you. A week in the most beautiful parts of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Yes, you read that right 3 countries in one week is an amazing experience.

And what are you going to do a week during the winter in Albania. Well the trendiest and greatest snow sport snowshoeing, or Skiing if you would like.

Our Snowshoeing Tour in Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro is the ideal winter break. Especially for those who would like to experience the untouched landscapes of the Western Balkans. You will be snowshoeing along the scenic routes of these three countries. Also, along the way, you’ll taste the delicious culinary delights of Balkan Cuisine.

a week in albania

This tour will start from the beautiful country of Kosovo towards Albania. You will get to see the most beautiful mountains of Albania that are a real gem and hidden treasure. Albania has some of most beautiful Alps in the region. Then you are going to snowshoe the trails of Montenegro and end up in the beautiful mountainous landscapes of Kosovo.

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The mountains of these countries are a treasure for a nature lover.

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A week of food and walking in Albania

Albania Food and Walking Tour is a great introduction to the culinary traditions of Northern Albania. And is also a great introduction to the amazing mountain landscape of the Albanian Alps. Food is a science and a hobby itself. It doesn’t matter where you eat, be it a fancy restaurant or a cheap one with local food the thing that matters is the quality of the food and the quantity. I know that many countries are fan of small amounts of food on the plate, but in Albania is vice-versa.  Albanian people respect all the types of food so they rarely throw food away.

Meanwhile, food time is quality time is because it brings people together.  That is why Albania is a family orientated country, because people spend at least one meal per day gathering together as a family. Moreover, Albanian food is all about quality and quantity. While, the cuisine is Mediterranean and most of the products are ecological as they are grown in the villages nearby.

foodie lover

Meat and Vegetables are the main thing in the Albanian cuisine and what accompanies them is pickles, feta cheese, bread (always break) rice, beans and pasta.

Moreover, eating and walking is the best combination of travelling possible, because it allows you to digest what you have eaten and remain healthy.

 The tour offers great scenery of high mountains, green valleys, canyons, and fresh air. Above all experience the true Albanian hospitality of guesthouses and enjoy delicious fresh food from local farms.

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a week in albania

A week around Albania

What is better than a week around Albania?

Albanian Trip will show that Albania is rich in history and art. We will tour the whole country to visit several castles important to Albanian history especially because they helped the independence of Albania in different periods. Visits in the archeological sites will deepen your understanding of the historical and cultural past of the country. The art of frescos will give you another insight into the development of Christianity in these regions.

a week in albania

Albania has a lot of history and beautiful landmarks and landscapes to offer. So if you plan on visiting Albania and learn about it’s culture and tradition then choose this tour because you are going to experience it all.

a week in albania

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