Walking Albania’s National Parks

Walk through Albania’s national parks and enjoy the best of Albania’s natural beauty. Explore the Theth, Valbona national parks, as well as the Gashi River Reserve. In addition, this 9-day tour will take you through the historic towns of Prizren, Berat, Durrës, Kruja and Tirana.

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Trekking the Hidden Trails of Albania

Trek through the hidden Albanian Alps trails, a few people have heard about them… In this tour we follow some of the least explored trails of Northern Albanian Alps. It is a great tour for experienced travelers who would like to be challenged everyday while enjoying the beauty of the Alpine Pastures.

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Walking in Northern Albania

Walk the highlands of northern Albania. This tour combines walking with cultural discovery so you can experience the best of Albania’s nature and culture. It will immerse you in the local traditions of Albania’s highlands as we walk through the National Parks of Valbona and Theth. The walks are of moderate difficulty so the tour is great for many travelers.

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Discover Northern Albania and Kosovo

Northern Albania and Kosovo share a common past and culturally are so much alike. The dialect spoken called “Geg dialect” includes all northern Albania, Kosovo and beyond. We will start the tour in Tirana and head north toward Valbona Valley and Dukagjini area in Kosovo.

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Walking Tour on the island of Lokrum

Learn from your local guide about history, architecture and legends of the Lokrum island, a monument to nature and landscape architecture, located only 15 minute ferry ride from the historical center of Dubrovnik.It is a great, leisurely walking away from the maddening crowds.

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