Round Trip Albania

Albania is rich in history and art. We will tour the whole country to visit several castles important to the Albanian history especially because they helped the independence of Albania in different periods of time. Visits in the archeological sites will deepen your understanding of the historical and cultural past of the country.

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Albania to Macedonia

From the curative sands of Velipoja to the lively streets of Ohrid, Albania and Macedonia offer an interesting mixture of culture, history tradition and delicious cuisine. We have the chance to tour most of Albania and eastern part of Macedonia. We will swim in the Adriatic coast, enjoy the panorama of the Albanian Highlands, get immersed in the history and culture of Ohrid, Berat, Gjirokastra and Korca.

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Discover Northern Albania and Kosovo

Northern Albania and Kosovo share a common past and culturally are so much alike. The dialect spoken called “Geg dialect” includes all northern Albania, Kosovo and beyond. We will start the tour in Tirana and head north toward Valbona Valley and Dukagjini area in Kosovo.

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Walking Tour on the island of Lokrum

Learn from your local guide about history, architecture and legends of the Lokrum island, a monument to nature and landscape architecture, located only 15 minute ferry ride from the historical center of Dubrovnik.It is a great, leisurely walking away from the maddening crowds.

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Albanian Coast Tour

Relax on the diverse beaches of Albania. Albanians boast of their stunning beaches, and they have every reason to. Whether you like luxuriating on sandy beaches or exploring rocky ones, you can find it in Albania. The weather is perfect during the beginning and end of the summer, and the seafood is fresh and delicious year-round.

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