Peaks of the Balkans





Northern Albania has everything to boast itself, rugged mountains, high peaks above 2000m, green valleys with blue rivers and a rich wildlife and above all the hospitality of people and delicious food.

Favorite destinations:

Accursed Mountains are part of Dinaric Alps in North of Albania, West of Kosovo and South-East of Montenegro. They are high peaks above 2000m and covered in deep snow on winter till late summer. Their name is related to many legends and folkloric parts that the locals proudly like to share and sing about. Best for walking, trekking and snowshoeing, they give the feeling of a triumphant, once you’re on the top of them.


Valbona Valley, a gorgeous setting, composed of surrounding mountains, river, waterfalls, pine trees and rocks. Home of 350 sort of mountain flowers, many wild birds and butterflies. The trout of Valbona River is now a specie under protection. Best for walking and cycling.


Thethi, offers everything a village can have. Rough mountains, natural water springs, waterfalls and rocky canyons. Some of the cultural attractions include an old church (1813) which served as a school as well and the tower of salvation. Because Northern Albania suffered from blood feud, this tower was built to take in protection the one who committed murder and prevent another crime.


Komani Lake,  the lake was formed during the late ’70’s from the waters of Drini’s river. It has a great importance on the Albanian economy because in the lake are build 3 hydropower plants which produce 70% of the electrical power needs. Compared to Scandinavian Fjords it is considered to be one of the most fascinating boat trips.

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