If you are looking for a new place to spend your winter holidays then welcome to Albania. We love all seasons because all of them have something great in them.

When the mountains are dressed in a beautiful white dress with a beautiful white veil and seems as they are celebrating life.

Winter is when everything is at peace with its existence. You see some birds chirping, the animals are lethargic sleeping so they can get energy for the coming of the spring, and everything else simply falls in line. Moreover, It’s like the world was made for winters but the other seasons are just a plus to that.

In the northern region of Albania are the Albanian Alps. Full of dramatic ridges punctuated by pyramid-shaped peaks, deep valleys, numerous rivers, and glacial lakes, the Alps are magnificent. The abundant snow that falls during winter creates very favorable conditions for skiing and other winter sports. This is an amazing way to see the amazing landscapes of Albania covered with snow and pine trees. 

The mountains don’t stop in the north. Mountains and hills makeup two-thirds of the territory of Albania and extend from North to South. The most important mountainous centers are Dajti, Llogara, Dardha, Bozdoveci, Voskopoja, Valbona, and Thethi.

Skiing is especially developed in the area of Korça in the south. In particular, the city of Voskopoja has a well-known resort that has only increased in popularity over the years.

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