Experience the untouched landscapes of the Western Balkans in a way few get to see it. Ski along scenic routes from Kolasin and Bjelasica Mountains in Montenegro to the Boga and Valbona Valleys in Kosovo and Albania. Along the way, taste the delicious culinary delights that the Balkans have to offer. A skiing holiday through the Balkans is a perfect mix of winter adventure, culture and cuisine.

Kolašin, Montenegro

Start your skiing holiday in Kolašin, a small town in Northern Montenegro. Kolasin lies at the foot of Bjelasica and Sinjajevina mountains. Due to its location, it offers excellent ski opportunities during the winter season. Kolašin is one of the main Winter Attractions in Montenegro, and is easily accessible during the winter period.

For a more rugged experience, climb to 1045 meters to find the northeastern town of Rožaje. Continue your climb another 900 meters in elevation to a cabin called “Grope”. Here, spend the night in a traditionally decorated mountain cabin. With the hard work out of the way, you can wake up the next morning perfectly situated for a day’s worth of skiing. 

Boga, Kosovo

After a few days in Montenegro, move towards Boga, a village nestled in the mountains of Kosovo. This small village is the perfect place for winter holidays. Boga is known for its outstanding natural beauty and fascinating pastoral landscape. The majestic Haile Mountain, at over 2403 meters, lies right next to this valley. The snow conditions, ranging in depth from 30 centimeters to over 2 meters in some areas, are amazing. In Boga you will also find scenic vacation houses and a skiing center, everything you need for your skiing holiday. 

Valbonë, Albania

On your way to Albania, stop in Deçan to see one of the largest and most beautifully preserved medieval churches in the Balkans. After that, grab some traditional food and continue your skiing holiday through the Balkans in the beautiful Albanian Alps.

Valbona National Park is a valley located in the heart of the alps. The peaks surrounding Valbona Valley are, starting at 2500 meters, the highest in Albania. The view is breathtaking. Ski trails will take you through the small village of Kukaj and up toward the left side of White Circle mountain. On a clear day you can see the Peak of Jezerca Mountain, the highest mountain in Northern Albania.

Depending on the snow conditions you could either snowshoe toward Grykat e Hapta Mountain range or through the forest on the right side of the valley. The trails will take you between the snow covered beech and pine forests which are a perfect background on a clear winter day.