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If you’re looking for culture in Kosovo, it’s best to head south to Prizren. Prizren is a historic city on the hills of the Sharr Mountains in southern Kosovo and nearby the Rahovec (Orahovac) wine region. Prizren is a lovely city of mosques and monasteries dating back to the 14th century. Kosovo’s second city carries a heavy punch with its rich history, traditional handiwork shops, and gastronomic pleasures. A place that has a fortress is always an important place. Uphill overlooking the city since the Ottoman Era is situated the castle of Prizren. However archaeological remains that are found at this part date to 1100 BC. The first fortress was built during the Byzantine Era. Next, the league of Prizren. Albanian League, in full League for the Defense of the Rights of the Albanian Nation, also called League of Prizren, first Albanian nationalist organization. Formed at Prizren (now in Kosovo) on July 1, 1878. A place really important for both countries.</p> <p>Also the Carshia e Vjeter and admire the old architectural buildings that make everyone stare and then you will walk through small souvenir shops and see the Sinan Hoxha Mosque and the St. George’s orthodox cathedral. Also, you will pass through the stone bridge where everyone locks keys to lock their love.<br /> Combine that with incredible nearby nature and a famous summer film festival, and you have a ‘must-see’ destination to add to your Balkan tour itinerary.<br />
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priznre day tours

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