Tirana is the capital of Albania and it’s known for its beautiful colors. When someone travels to Albania their first encounter will be Tirana. As the main airport in Albania is located near Tirana. However, choosing a trip from Tirana to somewhere else might be a bit difficult as one is not sure what to visit first. Albania is a small country, and small countries give you the opportunity to visit a large portion of it in a short amount of time. If you are in Tirana and you want to see more of what Albania has to offer, you’re in the right place!

Below we have made a list of the best day trips from Tirana for everyone who travels to Albania by plane.

1ST on our list of the best day trips from Tirana: Kruja and Tirana in a Day Trip

We start this trip in Tirana to drive towards Kruja. Where you’ll experience a step back in medieval history by visiting the castle and Scanderbeg Museum.

The Museum of Scanderbeg was designed as an ancient fortress. It is composed of separate pavilions, each representing a piece of Kruja, Albania’s heroic struggle against Ottoman invasion. These include the pavilion of antiquity and early middle age, the Albanian princedom pavilion, the pavilion of the ottoman invasion, the medieval fortress pavilion, and the Albanian resistance pavilion. Each of these, in their own way, reflect the life and activity of Albania’s most famous national hero.

Kruja is one of the most important towns for the Albanians because during the 15th century it withstood successfully at least 3 major sieges by the Ottoman Empire.

Kruja Castle was built in the 5th and 6th centuries A.D. Charles I of Anjou rebuilt the walls in the 13th century and the Turks rebuilt them again some centuries later. In 1617 an earthquake caused great damage to the walls, after which they were reinforced with 9 towers. The highest and most well-defended part of the fortress is a clock tower. It used to serve as an observation platform during times of war.


The medieval hero Gjergj Kastrioti called “Scanderbeg” is considered not only by Albanians as a symbol of resistance and savior. But also by ottomans who believed that a supernatural force dwelled in him.
Therefore after his death, they destroyed his tomb and took parts of his bones to keep them as a charm for good luck. Walk in the Old Bazaar full of old shops that sell traditional handmade items.

Writing about Kruja will take us forever, as it is one of the most beautiful Albanian cities. But also, walking on the cobblestone streets will help you feel the wars and invasions it withstood.

Next is Tirana where as you walk around the Scanderbeg square, you’ll see an interesting complex of buildings. You will see the newly renovated Scanderbeg Square where the statue of the national hero stands proudly. The square is made of tiles that come from each corner of Albania. Moreover, these buildings reflect the periods that have influenced Tirana’s architecture.

Only the Clock Tower and Et’hem Bey Mosque remain reminders of the city’s Ottoman past. These two relics show more about Tirana than the colors and the newly built buildings do.

The communist government left its own footprint by destroying the Ottoman Bazaar. Next, the Et’hem Bey Mosque, where you’ll learn about the difficulties the clergy made it face especially after 1967 when freedom of religious expression was a crime.

The mosque, built in 1821 by Et’hem Bey, is in typical Turkish style.
Continue to King’s Palace and National Martyrs Boulevard. Here you’ll get to know a piece of the daily life of former dictator Enver Hoxha. Visit the bllok and the pyramid that represent the communist rule. The Bllok is one of the most famous streets in Tirana. In the past, it was important as only the elite lived there. Nowadays it is one of the most popular streets for the nightlife in Tirana.

best day trips from tirana

2nd on our list of the best day trips from Tirana: Berati Day Tour

Once you get to the city we will take you to Berat Castle which dates back to 4rth century BC. There you will learn that Berat was invaded three times by the Ottomans, Romans, and Bulgarians. Only to become later on a big principality under the rule of Albanian noble family of Muzaka in the 14th century. Visit the castle as one of the most marvelous sights of the city. It is one of the biggest inhabited Castles and has many Byzantine churches, as well as some mosques built during the Ottoman era which began in 1417.

Our walk in the castle will take us to the Onufri Museum which is set up inside the Cathedral “Assumption of Saint Mary ” renovated in the 18th century. Besides the beautifully carved Iconostasis you will admire as well the icons of the renowned Albanian painter “Onufri”. As we drive down to the city center we will visit the medieval center. Where is located the King Mosque, and the Helveti Tekke.

Meanwhile, learn about the interesting cohabitation of two religious groups close to one another. The next stop is in the old quarters of Mangalem and Gorica that connect with each other by the Gorica Bridge over the Osumi River. Both quarters take pride in their architecture and the rare shapes of the houses.

best day trips from tirana

3rd on our list of the best day trips from Tirana: Shkodra Day Trip

We start our journey from Tirana, and we drive towards the beautiful city of Shkodra to discover it’s beauty and story. Shkodra where we will visit the Rozafa Castle and the beautiful streets where the famous Albanian promenade happens.

The Rozafa Castle is the castle of one of the most famous Albanian Legends. The legend starts with three brothers who wanted to build a castle. The obstacle they encountered was that the same walls that they would build during the day would be destroyed during the night. So after three days of building and rebuilding, an old wise man passed by. He told the boys that he knew the secret that would make the walls stand. The boys begged him to confess and he did.

He asks them if they are married and they all were. He confesses to the brothers that when one of their wives visits the following day, they should immure her. But before leaving, he also said that they should give their Besa to one another that they will not reveal the truth. They did give their Besa to one another. But the older brothers broke their promise. They confessed to their wives. and things in fear of losing them.

The next day, the youngest brother’s wife showed to the castle. With his heart broken, the young boy who had a newborn child told his wife what was going on. She accepted her fate, but in one condition. She asked to have her half of the body out of the walls. One hand to touch her little baby and one breast to feed him. This is the story of how the castle stands strong even now.

After your tour of the castle, you will visit the museum. The museum will shed light on every stone and ruin you have visited so far.
In addition to the story of the castle, the museum showcases artifacts from the Hellenistic and medieval periods up until World War I.
Then you will see the famous pedestrian road of Shkodra. After your tour in Shkodra, we will drive back to Tirana.

best day trips from tirana

4th on our list of the best day trips from Tirana: Permet Day Trip

Visit one of the most famous attractions of Beautiful Albania, the thermal baths located in Benje Permet, is a must-see in a day trip when traveling Albania.

Thermal Baths of Benja are a true hidden gem of Albania. Completed with an old stone bridge that arcs over the Vjosa River. A stone bridge that dates back to the middle ages and has helped people cross the sulfur-rich river. Also, the Thermal Baths are natural pools born from the geothermal waters. The hot water flows towards the river and gives it a beautiful color blue.

The Thermal Baths are ideal for each season of the year. Having natural healing properties they are visited each day by many people, especially during summertime. The area around the hot springs of water is gorgeous. You will have as a view the Mountain of Nemercka that it stretched towards the sky, and you will see the last virgin river in Albania that of Vjosa, that is now under state protection.

Meanwhile, the hot pools are completely healthy but probably if you have heart diseases you should consult your doctor beforehand.
Moreover, you are traveling there from the noise of the capital of Albania. And you will get to see amazing mountain ranges. However, that is not all, you will get to see the amazing Gorge of Kelcyra, the fantastic views of the high mountains of Trebeshine and Nemerce laying on top of each other overlooking the beautiful Vjosa River.

Moreover, the trip will take you to one of the oldest and prettiest churches in the area, the Saint Mary Church. Located in the village of Leuse this church is ancient and very well preserved. It is one of the places you should visit if you ever travel to Albania.

best day trips from tirana

5th on our list of the best day trips from Tirana: Ohrid Day Tour

Ohrid is named after the lake, and it has been many years considered as the Jerusalem of Balkans for the many churches it consists of.
It must be remembered, that you can see the churches are spread all around the city so you can choose whichever you would like. One of the most beautiful and important churches is St Sophia. A Byzantine church that holds historical importance.

During the Ottoman period, they converted the church into a mosque.
Meanwhile, it is a beautiful city with picturesque views, monuments, and houses. The region is under UNESCO heritage protection. While Ohrid’s bazaar is a must to see in the city, the street where it’s located is named after St Clement.

The old town of Ohrid dates back to the Ottoman period, and it consists of cobblestone narrow streets. Here you can see what the city looked like in the past.
Explore the harbor area and the many churches that dot the town, including St. Sophia, St. Clement’s Church of the Holy Mother of God Most Glorious, and St. Pantelejmon.


6th on our list of the best day trips from Tirana: Prizren Day Tour

Prizren itself is a stunning city with a lot of churches and mosques. A historical place set on the banks of River Bistrica and the slopes of Mountain Sharri

We visit the Fortress over the town hill, (appropriate footwear recommended). Next, we visit the Museum of the League of Prizren. Also another important landmark for the locals and at the same time a tourist destination. It is the Mehmet Pasha Hamam, an old Turkish bath. Next, we will take a walk through Carshia e Vjeter, and admire old architectural buildings such as Sinan Pasha Mosque, St George Orthodox Cathedral, and many traditional small shops.

best day trips from tirana

7th on our list of best day trips from Tirana: Budva to Albania Day Trip

Visit the colorful city of Tirana.
Immerse yourself in the beautiful views of the city.

Visit the National History Museum of Albania. Meanwhile there, learn about Albania’s history and tradition. Get to know the communist part of Tirana by visiting Bunk’art 2. Find yourself in the middle of Scanderbeg Square from where you can see the Et’hem Bey mosque. Furthermore, the Et’hem Bey Mosque is one of the oldest buildings in Tirana that dates back to 1821. Built during the Ottoman invasion, the mosque is of outstanding beauty.

While, on Scanderbeg Square, learn how the square has changed its view many times during different political changes. Observe the tiles that come from every corner of Albania. Even though, Tirana is one of the most modern as well as antique cities in the Balkans. It is known for its street art, which dominates through every corner of the city. Also, the colorful buildings, tasty food, beautiful coffee shops, and a not so ancient pyramid dominate through the city. Tirana will leave you breathless.
Take a break from Montenegro and travel in a comfortable vehicle to see beautiful Albania. Do not miss this chance.

8th on the list of Best Day Trips from Tirana: Kruja and Qafeshtama Day Tour

On a day tour of Kruja and Qafeshtama, you will get to see one of the most important towns in Albania. And one of the most important National Parks of Albania.

In a day tour of Kruja, it’s easy to find parts of the Albanian history scattered across the city. Begin with the old bazaar to see the handicrafts and then head towards the castle of Scanderbeg, the Albanian national hero.

Kruja Castle was built in the 5th and 6th centuries A.D. Charles I of Anjou rebuilt the walls in the 13th century and the Turks rebuilt them again some centuries later. In 1617 an earthquake caused great damage to the walls, after which they were reinforced with 9 towers. The highest and most well-defended part of the fortress is a clock tower. It used to serve as an observation platform during times of war.

Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu was an Albanian military commander and nobleman.

People thought he had supernatural strength. Kruja is one reason to visit Albania. But that is not all Kruja has to offer.

After we have visited Kruja the tour continues towards the national park of Qafeshtama.

Hiking one of the most beautiful parks of Albania, located in Kruja and just 45 km away from the capital of Albania is an experience to never forget.

The national park of Qafeshtama named after the Qafe Shtame passage has a beautiful landscape.

It consists of pine forests, small lakes, and springs with crisp fresh water and fresh air. It is supposed that the Albanian Royal Family used to have their daily water supply from these springs.

This day tour of Kruja and Qafeshtama will be remarkable for you.

9th on our list of best day trips from Tirana: Ardenica and Apollonia Day Tour from Tirana

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the ancient Greek architecture of Apollonia and explore the ancient marvels of the Ardenica Monastery on this day trip from Tirana.

While discovering these two sites that are a hidden gem in Albania you will be speechless at what they have to offer. Apollonia is located on the banks of the last wild river in Europe, the Vjosa River. The pillars and theater of Apollonia will remind you of the days when Greeks used to believe in Gods and built houses for them.

The ancient city is part of the UNESCO heritage list. The site is very well preserved and shows you about the past. Apollonia’s Beauty has attracted many visitors. Considering Apollonia a great and important city of the past. The thing that you can see from the ruins that are almost perfect.

Moreover, on this day trip to Apollonia from Tirana, you will get to see Ardenica and the monastery. The monastery is located on the gorgeous hills of Ardenica. It is one of the most spiritual places you will visit in Albania. However, why so remains to be discovered when you are there. It is a hidden jewel and a marvel of Albania’s landmarks.

Book this tour of wonderful discoveries.

10th on our list of the best day trips from Tirana: Bird Watching Day Tour in Karavasta

The National Park of Divjaka-Karavasta is the largest non-coastal park in Albania. It’s a park rich in Flora and Fauna.

The park consists of the Lagoon of Karavasta. The lagoon hosts 6,4 % of the Dalmatian Pelicans of Europe’s population.

In this bird-watching day tour in the park of Karavasta is good to mention that the park is going to leave you mesmerized.

The first time you see it, the park gives you the impression of having jumped in a jungle, an unexplored land, abandoned or forgotten by the people and their destructive deeds.

Its first and the only inhabitants are the animals, or better say the waterfowls.

This place is only 90 km from Tirana. So it makes it easy to spend the most unique weekend in the midst of the forest, marshy water, woods, plants, birds, and their flights.

In a calm and overtaking serenity…only you and the birds.

The guide will explain to you the history of the lagoon. But also he will tell you about the rare flora and fauna which can be found there.

During this day tour keep an eye out for bird watching, Dalmatian pelicans, as well as flamingos and other wildlife live in this park of Albania.

If you travel to Albania you may like visiting the lagoon which is accessible all year round.

And if you like the scent of pine trees and love the experience of watching birds fly.

Come with us in this tour of Karavasta’s Lagoon.

best day trips from tirana

What are the new best day trips from Tirana?

Kayak Lake Skadar & Birdwatching Tour from Tirana

This is a day tour that starts from Tirana and will take you to the beautiful city of Shkodra in Albania from where you will have the chance to kayak Lake Skadar. As you kayak through Shkodra lake and River Buna you will have the chance to learn more about the biodiversity of the lake, its birdlife, and the amazing Water Lilly Flowers.

How to Kayak Lake Skadar?

Our guide will give an orientation tour of how to use the kayaks and what to expect while on tour. Safety and security while on tour and life vest application will be part of the briefing as well. After the orientation tour, we start paddling our kayaks for about 2.5 km and head toward the western part of the lake to visit the water lilies fields. The area is very special because it is the place where the only bird colony of whiskered terns Albania,370 pairs,(Chlidonias Hybrida) lay their nests. The water lilies are another beautiful natural habitat that helps the nesting process of these birds. During our tour, we will be careful not to disturb the area where the whiskered tern has built their nest. Nearby we will stop for a short explanation from our birdwatching guide about the Skadar/Shkodra Lake, its ecological values, and the biodiversity of the area. We continue paddling toward Buna bridge while beginning to pick up speed and navigate nearby fishnets. 

best day trips from tirana

What is the Birdwatching Tour from Tirana?

 Skadar lake and Buna River are considered protected areas because of a rich variety of birds which have made this ecosystem their home. The Whiskered Tern (Chlidonias hybrida), the Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus Crispus), and the Water Lilies (Nyphar Lutea and Nymphaea Alba) adorn the Skadar lake ecosystem. As we paddle through Buna River, we can see on our left side Rozafa Castle which dates back to the 4thcentury BC. As we stop to take some photos of the castle our guide will serve us freshly made Mojitos which will be lowered to us from Buna Bridge. Our tour continues as we paddle below the bridges connecting the city of Shkodra with its nearby villages. Our next stop will be a short coffee stop where we can get some snacks and fruits. After a 30 min break, we will leave our kayaks and drive back to visit Rozafa Castle. The castle has been reconstructed several times during its life where major reconstruction that has withstood the time date back to the 13thcentury onward. While visiting the castle we can enjoy the views over Buna, Kiri, and Drini Rivers flowing in the vicinity of the castle.

Durrachium Wine Tour from Tirana

The Durrachium wine tour begins with a one-hour drive to Eminas village where you will be visiting Kokomani Winery. Kokomani Winery is located in the hilly area of central Albania, in the village of Eminas i Vogël. The region where the winery is situated cultivates the well-known”Shesh” variety, an autochthonous wine that comes in two types: White Shesh and Black Shesh.

Durres Wine Tour

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These varieties are distinguished for their fragrances and aromas rooted in centuries-old Albanian traditions of vineyard cultivation and wine production. The owner of Kokomani Winery has worked for 15 years in some of the most prestigious wineries of Tuscany before coming back to Albania and opening its own. About the Kokomani winery: The winery produces three types of high-quality wines such as Shesh i Bardhë (White Grape), Shesh i zi (Red Grape), and Saint Mhill where each production process has to meet high standards of bottling and packaging. The winery has received a number of accolades at local fairs organized by the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture.

Durrachium Wine Tour and Food

Lunch at Gjipali AgroTourism FarmAgriturizem Gjepali was founded in 2019 by the renowned Albanian Chef Fundim Gjipali who worked in some of the best restaurants of Rome before opening his own agritourism farm in Gjipalaj village. When arriving at the property you will be welcomed by a typical Tuscan style villa, influenced by Fundim’s experience in Italy.

The focus of the Farm is on the countryside, its traditional dishes and local ingredients sourced not more than 10 km around the farm. The restaurant offers a set menu including specialties like pastries prepared with milk, homemade meatballs, slow oven-cooked veal ribs, fresh homemade feta-like cheese, lamb baked in yogurt, and a cake-like dessert called “revani” made with plum juice, accompanied by fresh green salads and local olives.

Duka Winery

After lunch we travel to Duka Winery for wine tasting will take us about one hour of drive to reach the winery set on a hilltop overlooking Green Lake. The vineyard started in 2004 by Mr. Enver Duka, a well-known agronomist in Albania. His sons continued with the modernization of the vinery that was completed in 2008. The setting of the winery nestled amidst the Green Lake and the terraced hills in a 5.5 ha area creates a nice and cozy atmosphere, the proud work of Mr. Duka who has a great experience in winemaking and raki production.

Currently, DUKA Winery offers red wines such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Tempranillo, bottled under the Vila DUKA trademark.DUKA Tempranillo is a violet ruby-hued dense wine with elegant and complex aromas from blueberries, raspberries, spices, and violet. The wine is dry, rich, full-bodied, and balanced.

DUKA Merlot is a bright, deep ruby, dense wine, with a variety of aromas from the red apples, blackberries, and blueberries, dry, tannic, pleasant, and persistent.DUKA Cabernet Sauvignon is a deep ruby with complex aromas from plums, raspberries, and violets. Dry and fresh taste, quite tannic, full-bodied, and persistent.

Montenegro Wine Tour from Tirana

Wine Tour

Take a guided tour to one of the best Wineries in Western Balkan which will impress you with their selection of quality wines. Sample delicious wines and enjoy local food specialties. The Montenegro wine tour will continue with a drive-by tour of Sveti Stefan island and the Montenegrin Coastline.

Once we cross the border into Montenegro, we head to Sipcanik Winery where we will take a tour of the wine cellar located inside of the previous military tunnels. The Šipčanik winery is a great place to experience the local atmosphere, the history of Montenegrin winemaking, and the territory where it is cultivated. Everyone who visits the Sipčanik wine cellar has the opportunity to experience the impressive ambiance of a unique wine cellar comparable to one of the best in Europe.

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As you walk through its vineyards and cellars you can enjoy the unforgettable aromas and flavors -in a complex”bouquet” of Montenegrin scents. The cellar is positioned at an average depth of over 30 meters below ground. In the form of a spiral tunnel, 356 meters long, with an average width of 13.5 meters and height of 7 meters, it extends to over 7000 square meters. The temperature is almost constant and is between 17 and 19 degrees, while humidity is 80%.

The Sipcanik wine cellar was once a military airport. However impressive that sounds now it is a space for aging wine in the heart of the vineyard.

Last but not least

Free Walking Tour of Tirana

Meanwhile, in Tirana join this free walking tour to discover the best sites of Tirana and learn the history of this beautiful city.

See one of the most beautiful capitals in Balkans. Tirana is a beautiful city located in the heart of Albania, with beautiful colorful buildings that have a history to tell.

Immerse yourself in the history and sightseeing of Tirana. Explore the city with a guide for free.

Get to know the Scanderbeg Square better. Learn how the square won two prizes lately. Meanwhile there, you will find yourself in the middle of the heart of Tirana from where you can see the Et’hem Bey mosque.

The Et’hem Bey Mosque is one of the oldest buildings in Tirana that dates back to 1821. Built during the Ottoman invasion, the mosque is of outstanding beauty.

While on the Scanderbeg Square, learn how the square has changed its view many time during different political changes. Observe the tiles that come from every corner of Albania.

Visit the hidden corners of Tirana. Also, Tirana is the winner of the European Youth Capital 2022. This is a great way to take in the beauty and history of Tirana.

Do not miss to book this free walking tour of Tirana with us.