Berat Day Tours

Berat Day Tours will take you exploring the hidden corners of this 2400-year-old city. There is a lot to learn and experience in this UNESCO town. Take a walking tour of Mangalem and Gorica quarters. Enjoy the local delicacies in a food tour and amp up your skills with our cooking classes.
Berat is one of the most historic and oldest cities in Albania. That said, it can easily fill your entire day with beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and deep heritage. This UNESCO-protected site is divided into three large neighborhoods; Mangalem, Gorica, and the medieval castle. The Osum River forms the border between the first two. The medieval castle, amazingly enough, is still inhabited. Overlooking all are the city’s famous windows! The white Ottoman stone houses climb up the hill to its castle, so wherever you go, the windows seem to be following you. Because of white Ottoman stone houses, Berat is named as ‘the town of thousand windows’. Its rugged mountain setting is particularly evocative when the clouds swirl around the tops of the minarets or break up to show the icy peak of Mt Tomorri. This view along with the rugged mountain surroundings makes Berat one of the most charming places in Albania. Despite now being a big center for tourism in Albania, Berat has managed to maintain its easy-going beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

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