The Castle

Berat’s beautiful old castle tops our list of the best attractions in Berat. It is located on the top of a hill, and it is the perfect place to admire the town from above. The small town inside the castle’s walls is one of the most enchanting places you’ll see in Albania. There are even a few people that still live there. The area looks magical with its ancient ruins, wildflowers, and small courtyards.

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Onufri Museum

Onufri National Museum is one of the must-see attractions in Berat Albania. It is located in the inner part of “Saint Mary Church” in Berat Castel. The Museum is called “Onufri” in honor of the Albanian painting Headmaster of XVI Century. The Cathedral was rebuilt in 1797, and it is the most representative monument of post-Byzantine architecture in Berat town. Within, find 173 objects chosen from a fund of 1500 objects belonging to the fund of Albanian Churches and Monasteries as well as to Berat. You can find 106 Icons and 67 Liturgical objects created by Albanian Iconographical painters during the XIV-XX centuries.

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The Holy Trinity Church

Looking at this very proportional and nice rebuilt church it is impossible not to appreciate how seamlessly it integrates with the surrounding castle. Within the walls of Berat Castle is the extraordinarily beautiful Holy Trinity Church, an Orthodox church built in the 14th century. It stands beneath some inner castle walls overlooking windswept grasses and a great view of Berat and the surrounding vicinity.

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Ethnographic Museum

This museum is one of the best attractions in Berat Albania. It is an 18th-century stone building with wooden beams and stairways that offers a fine overview of life in the city. There are plenty of artifacts on display related to the local artisan industry and domestic life. Among them are an authentic antique olive press and displays of ceramics that are hundreds of years old. Have a peek at the traditional textiles and costumes, as well as the methods used to weave them. A couple of rooms have been set up as traditional lounges or dining rooms, so you can imagine yourself as an Ottoman hundred of years ago.

Although not massive, this museum is very well designed. It has a number of rooms that give you an insight into what life was like in Berat. The helpful staff provides you the information in a number of languages.

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Bulevardi Republika

The Republica Boulevard is a pedestrian street that is parallel to the Osum River on the side of the Mangalem neighborhood. If one stands in front of the hill in the back you can see, on your right, parks and the river, and on the left a long line of shops, bars, and restaurants with their tables outside protected by umbrellas. It is a good place to shop or have a drink.

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In Berat yon can find the ruins of the ancient city of Dimal located near the village of Krotinë. Archaeologists discovered this fortified city with its mall, necropolis, houses, and the acropolis in the 1960s. This place is located on the right side of the road Fier-Berat in the municipality of Cukalat.

Tomorr Mountain

To the east of Berat is the Tomorr Mountain National Park, the highest peak of which soars to 2,416 meters. Most of the year snow caps this mountain range. If you’re holidaying in Berat in the summer then the high temperatures will make an ascent on foot difficult. If you would like to skip this challenge, hire a 4×4 to take you to the top. The route to the top is wonderful, passing olive groves, pine forest, and highland pasture before entering a stark landscape of exposed rock.

The Osumi Canyons

Last but not least on our list of attractions in Berat is the Osumi River canyon. It is one of the most spectacular attractions of Albania. During the spring, water from melted snow raises the water level. This makes it possible to explore all 26 km of the canyon from the river. Spring is also the best time to view the waterfalls in the canyons, which flow from above as explorers pass below on boats.

The edges of the canyon are notable for their unique ecosystem that preserves the greenery on both sides of the canyon year-round. Mediterranean bushes like heath and briar flourish along with a rich and lively world of flora and fauna.

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Nurellari Winery and Guest House

The Nurellari Winery is in a fantastic place with a fantastic landscape. It is a family run business that offers a variety of services. They offer wine tasting, vineyard tours they even have luxury accommodation on site.

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Bogove Waterfall

The waterfall might be small but it is extra pretty. The waterfall has a rare beauty, and you can swim in the turquoise water pools. In the summer the water is cold, so it makes up for the heat you will endure to reach the waterfall.

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Sultan’s Mosque

The Sultan’s Mosque is a 16th century mosque and is one of oldest in Albania. The Helveti teqe behind the mosque has a pretty carved ceiling and is specially designed with acoustic holes to improve the quality of sound.

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