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Skopje Walking Tour

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Skopje Walking tour takes you to the capital city of Macedonia. Skopje is a city that is ever-changing, every year it is evolving and developing. It is located on the upper course of the Vardar River with a view that looks almost dreamy. One of the main spots is Skopje’s Stone Bridge on Vardar River which is very picturesque. Skopje has a lot of sites that date back to the Roman-Era. The city of Skopje includes the Kale fortress which will give you a view over the entire city. Also, the Carsija or old bazaar will give you an insight into how the city was in the past, in this part of the city you will find old mosques, tombs, and churches. However, if you are looking for a souvenir this is your place to go.

Skopje is divided into two parts, one includes the Old-Bazaar and the other one includes the new part. Skopje’s new part is surrounded by different art-work. In 1963 this city was destroyed by a huge earthquake and nowadays in the rebuild project the government wanted to instill some national pride in the people, so they built all the statues which glorify the city and nation. For this reason, Skopje is known as the city of many statues.

In this sightseeing tour, you will get to see many of those statues which in total are 300 hundred.

So walkthrough Skopje streets and let your guide walk you through the old part of the city. You will admire the artworks in the new part of Skopje. This walking tour of Skopje in 2 hours includes also useful insight, fun-filled and informative walks about history, society, and architecture. During the tour of Skopje, you’ll also take useful information about places that might be interesting for you.



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  • Learn more about the origins of Skopje and its historical background as the tours starts with Skopje’s story.
  • Start the sightseeing with the Old Town, exploring some of the most visited sights in Skopje, the Stone Bridge, new “Skopje 2014”, and the Memorial house of Mother Teresa, the Old Railway Station, and much more.


2 hour walking Tour in Skopje
Our guide will meet you in front of Mustafa Pasha Mosque after its visit, we visit the Church of the Holy Savior as well. Then we continue walking through the Old Bazaar where two other caravansaries can be seen, the Turkish Baths - Couples Hammam and Daut Pasha Hammam, which both of them date back to the 15th century.

The tour continues to the modern part of the city on the right bank of the Vardar River. Before we cross the Stone Bridge, one of the oldest monuments in Skopje, we can see from a short distance the Holocaust Memorial Center and the Macedonian War of Independence, IMRO and the Victims of Communism, Kalaja Kale.

On the other side of the river is Macedonia's main square, with many statues and new monuments. We walk along the main street Macedonia which connects the main square to the old railway station.

We stop for a brief visit to the Mother Teresa Memorial House and finish our tour in front of Skopje City’s Museum located in the Old Railway Station building, which was partly destroyed by the earthquake in 1963.


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2 hours

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