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Skanderbeg Square and Bunkart 2 tour: A day in Tirana

Are you in Tirana and want to learn more about the history of the capital of Albania? Or are you outside Albania and want to know what to do in Albania? Do you want to know more about the life people used to live here in Tirana? Do you want to learn what happened during the communist years?

This tour is for you.

Many people agree that the atmosphere and the charm of Skanderbeg Square are outstanding. But what makes this place so delightful and amiable? The history behind it of course but also that people always find it nice when they have a large pedestrian space in the middle of the city where everyone can take a break from the chaos outside it, and everyone can enjoy a walk to. Not to forget to mention that the mountains at this point of the city are visible and can be a treat for someone who first visits Tirana.

Why this tour is better with a guide? Well, because without one you would only have a look at what’s around it and that’s it but a guide will explain the history and will show you more than you can see. Albania is like a diamond in the rough for European countries but I think it is like a diamond mine where only the lucky ones discover it.

Skanderbeg Square is this city’s and this nation’s identity. It is a cultural hub for the city. The Skanderbeg Square is in the middle of everything you want to do and know in Tirana. On this tour, you will be introduced to the Et’hem Bey Mosque, to the Clock Tower, Opera House, and the national history museum.

BunkArt Tour

But while visiting Skanderbeg Square we think that it is time for you to discover another hidden gem of Tirana, Bunk’Art 2. The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Albania built this place somewhere between 1981-1986. The ministry and this building are named ‘communism’s biggest achievements’ because they took part in the Project Bunker during that time. Meaning it led to the construction of 170,000 bunkers around the country including this one.

The bunkers were built and divided into three types, the ones at the mountain edges, the ones easily spotted on the surface, and the ones underground. The bunker we are going to visit is the underground type of Bunker named “The Pillar Facility”. This bunker has rooms including an apartment for the Minister of Internal Affairs and a telecommunication hall. It was built to face any possible chemical attacks during the communist years.

Today it is used as a museum, a place where you can learn About what happened in Albania? How did it recover from that? Does a country really need communism? This and more are displayed on the walls of the rooms you will see. A fascinating place with a fascinating structure that tells a horrible story and the walls of which have heard more than enough.


  • Skanderbeg Square Tour
  • Bunk’Art 2 Tour
  • Learn about communism
  • Get to know Tirana better


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  • Bunk’Art 2 entrance fee
  • Tour
  • Gratuities
  • Everything else not mentioned in the inclusions


Start the tour at a chosen time towards Skanderbeg Square. Get into depth to know the history of Tirana and why Skanderbeg Square is important. Get to know better the buildings around and what they are. Then proceed to the Bunk’Art where you will learn what Albania went through and why communism has shaped this country’s history.


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From: €94,00
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