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Albania to Kosovo Tour

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14 days

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Cultural Holidays


Albania and Kosovo Tour will make you wander around two beautiful and historically rich countries. From Albania, where the history has deepest roots to Kosovo.

This tour starts in the capital city of Albania, Tirana. Tirana is one of the most colorful cities in Europe, the Scanderbeg Square is built with tiles from each city in Albania. Furthermore, the clock tower and the old mosque in the heart of the city are relics of the Ottoman Era. Tirana invites you with all it has to offer.

Next, the Albania to Kosovo tour will take you to the coastal, sandy city of Durres. Durres is located on the shore of the Adriatic Sea, with palm trees, a castle and the fortifying walls of it and a Roman Era amphitheater. Visiting this city is always nice because you will smell the iodine in the air and you will hear the sound of waves from afar all meanwhile watching history unveil itself in front of you.

Moreover, this day of Albania to Kosovo tour takes you to Berat. Berat, the city of 1001 windows or rows upon rows. This city is purely historical. We let you decide what is more historical, the buildings, the Castle or the Holy Trinity church. A city filled with legends and love.

Albania to Kosovo tour goes south of the country

This tour takes you to the ancient city of Apollonia. An ancient archaeological city that nowadays has some of the most ancient ruins of Greek civilization. After Apollonia, we take you to the city of independence. This city is where Albanians made history in 1912 and declared their independence and raised their flag. Moreover, the warm breeze of the sea waves and the sun will make your heart melt and fall in love with Albanian history.

Next, this Albania to Kosovo tour takes you to Saranda a coastal place located on the shore of the Ionian Sea with extraordinary beauty. A city that remains on everyone’s heart after they visit it. After visiting Saranda this tour takes you to Butrint. Butrint is an ancient archaeological site that dates back to the Roman Era. However, it is more than a Roman-era site, it is influenced by Venetian, Byzantine, and Greek civilizations.  Moreover, it is important because it used to have a temple dedicated to the God of Healing.

The next step on this Albania to Kosovo tour will be Gjirokastra. Gjirokastra, the stone city with narrow cobblestone streets and a great castle offers an insight into the past. With important historical sites and a beautiful old bazaar, it gives you the vintage vibe you were looking for.

Let’s take you to North Albania

Shkodra will be next on the list, the city where the culture of Albania began, or that is how the natives like to call it. A beautiful city, rich in culture and history, with a beautiful castle that overlooks the whole city. Shkodra is a stunning place.

From Shkoder to Kosove

From Shkodra to Kosove is a beautiful and scenic trip where you will get to see Drin River.  In Kosovo, you will wander through the beautiful bazaars of Peja and Prizren. Moreover, in Prizren you will get to see the castle on the top hill of the city. and wander through the old part of the town that you will get to feel the history through your feet. In Peja we recommend you try the beer, it is amazing. But also the city deserves better recognition because of its history.

From Peja, we move towards the capital, Prishtina. The newborn country of Kosovo has its roots in this city. Moreover, Prishtina is amazing, the life, the energy, the vibe, and the history it has to offer are top on this tour.


The well-preserved monasteries will enchant you. And you will also admire the medieval Mosques. Many don’t know that Albania and Kosovo have many similarities like the same language. Moreover, they belong to the same ethnic group and have similar cultures.

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  • Wander in the beautiful bazaars
  • Be enchanted by the well preserved monasteries
  • Admire the medieval Mosques
  • Learn about the independence of Kosovo


Day 1. Tirana
Transfer from Mother Theresa Airport – visit the Historic Museum.
Day 2. Tirana
City tour in Tirana – visit the ex-communist residential area – house of Enver Hoxha (former dictator ) – underground tunnels. Tirana is one of the most colorful cities in Europe, the Scanderbeg Square is built with tiles from each city in Albania. Furthermore, the clock tower and the old mosque in the heart of the city are relics of the Ottoman Era. Tirana invites you with all it has to offer. 
Day 3. Tirana – Durrës – Berat
Visit the city of Krujë and castle of Scanderbeg, Durrës and the Roman Amphitheatre, visit the castle of Berat.
Day 4. Berat – Fier – Vlorë
Visit Berat and the ex – Textile Mill “Mao Ce Dun”. Continue to the archeological center of Apollonia in Fier.
Day 5. Vlora – Orikum – Porto Palermo – Sarandë
We start in Vlorë to visit the square where the Independence of Albania was proclaimed in 1912. Another interesting archeological site is the old city of Orik dating back to 4th century BC.
Day 6. Saranda – Butrint – Gjirokastër
Visit the archeological center of Butrint one of the most visited sites in Albania. In Gjirokastër we visit the house of Enver Hoxha.
Day 7. Gjirokastër
Visit the castle of Gjirokastra and Weapons Museum, visit the house of the renowned writer Ismail Kadare.
Day 8. Gjirokastër to Shkodër
Visit the castle of Ali Pasha in Tepelena and Rozafa castle in Shkodër.
Day 9. Shkodër to Kosovë
Drive to Kosovo and visit the infamous prison of Spac. Pass the border with Kosovo and accommodate in Prizren.
Day 10. Prizren to Pejë
Visit the Albanian League of Prizren and ottoman bazaar in Gjakovë. Travel to Deçan to visit the Serbian monastery.
Day 11. Pejë to Prishtina
Visit the historic center of Peja, excursion in Rugova canyon, visit the memorial of Resistance in Prekaz. Day 12 Prishtina – Mitrovica. Take a walk in the center of Prishtina then continue to Mitrovica and visit the dividing bridge between the Albanians and Serbian communities.
Day 13. Prishtina to Ferizaj
Visit the Gadima Cave in Janjevëa nd continue the journey to Ferizaj to visit the American military camp “Bondstill”.
Day 14. Prishtina
Free time – tranfer to Prishtina Airport. Departure


  • Accommodation: 3 star hotel 13 nights HB
  • Transport: 14 days
  • Insurance
  • Drinks


14 days

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