Shkodra is a town located in Northern Albania. When traveling to Albania make sure you visit Shkodra and its history. Shkodra is a town of historical importance because of its strategic point. It comprises the Albanian Alps but also the sea, the lake, and the river. We have made a list for you of things to do in Shkodra if you visit it.

Things to do in Shkoder Albania: Visit the Castle of Rozafa

An impressive beautiful castle that overlooks the city. Just 200m walk uphill to see the gorgeous views it offers. Since the castle is very rich in history very little is shown in the information points around the castle so to enjoy and learn about the castle you will need a tour guide. The castle is built in various stages. But what makes it more interesting is the legend of the three brothers.

The three brothers built the castle but every morning they found it crumbled down. Until in a dream, an old man told them that if they really wanted to build the castle they had to sacrifice one their wives. Moreover, the one who would bring food the next day. The next day the younger wife comes to bring food and they tell her the story. Since she had a newborn baby she decided to be sacrificed in one condition. Book one of our tours to learn that.


Things to do in Shkoder Albania: Visit the Mesi Bridge

Built on Kir River by Mehmet Pasha Bushati during the 18th century. The bridge is 108 meters long and 314 m wide, including 13 stone arches is a must-see. The Mesi bridge is well preserved. It is worth the trip because such a bridge you can’t often see. Unique and 10 km from the city center. It is beautifully constructed and offers a vintage vibe. Moreover, the scenery it provides is very beautiful.


Things to do in Shkoder Albania: See the St. Stephen Catholic Cathedral

During the communist era, this cathedral was turned into a sports hall. The cathedral is majestic looking and it is worth a stop while in Albania. Its simplicity makes it more interesting. The paintings of the martyrs and the history of the martyrs are portrayed in the cathedral. A place rich in History dedicated to St Stephen and the ceiling is original

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Things to do in Shkoder Albania: See the Ebu Bekr Mosque

It’s been an important place historically for the Muslim community with great architecture. The mosque is bright and makes you feel calm and in peace when you are around. Be sure to respect the dress code and the believers. It is located in the center of Shkodra and it’s easy to find.


Things to do in Shkoder Albania: Walk the Kole Idromeno street

A picturesque little street with buildings in pretty pastels. It is the perfect spot for a coffee when you are in the area. Located in the heart of Shkodra. It is a tourist street and in the locals call it the pedestrian street where they do the famous pedestrian walk.


Things to do in Shkoder Albania: Pay Honor to Mother Teresa Monument

It is a beautiful monument of the humanitariaN and Nobel winner peace prize Mother Teresa. Albanian’s are very proud of her Albanian origin. It is located near the Ebu Bekr Mosque and if you want to pay homage to her figure you can leave flowers on her feet.

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Visit the Orthodox Cathedral of Nativity in Shkoder

It is a beautiful cathedral with easy to understand iconostasis. Completed with a colorful altar shows the modernish part of the cathedral. It has a 21st-century structure and a tall bell tower.


Visit the Lead Mosque in Shkoder

A mosque of fascinating history, located close to the Rozafa Castle. If you overlook the city from the castle you can see that this pretty building stands out. This survived the communist regime and remained untouched.


Things to do in Shkoder Albania: Visit the Marubi Photography Museum

The Marubi Photography Museum shows many pictures from different times. The pictures are shown with a description so it’s easy to understand them. The museum is extremely interesting and very informative. There you can see different pictures from the 19th to 21st century. It is a unique museum that shows local historic events.


Things to do in Shkoder Albania: Visit the Site of Witness and Memory in Shkoder

This site offers an eye-opening insight into the communist past. The communist time has a haunting presence in this place. You can see the attack that was done to the religion back then. Read and Learn about the suffering of the religious people and see what communities went through. The jail complex is more haunting as it shows real jail cells and torture rooms used in communist times.


Shkodra is a great place that shows the religious tolerance of Albania at first sight as the Catholic Cathedral, Orthodox Cathedral, and the Mosque are located near each other and do not ruin each other’s peace.

So, when you are looking for things to do and visit in Shkoder read our article and you are covered.