Albania is a beautiful country offering a wide range of sports. Traditional Albanian sports generally involve survival skills, like hunting and fishing. We invite you to learn more about these and other sports practiced in Albania.

Hiking and Mountain Climbing

There are many sites in Albania that offer great opportunities for mountain climbing. The best in the north are in Jezerca, Hekuri, and Razma, and others in the Albanian Alps. Some others are Munella in Puka, Korab, Radomir, and Lura in Dibra Region, Bizain Tirana, Cika mountain in the district of Vlora, Tomori Mountain in Berat, Gjinari in Elbasan, Rungaja Mountain in Vithkuq, and Qafë Shtama Park in Krujë.

Mountain Biking

If you need a break from climbing, check out Albania’s mountain biking tours. Take the equipment for these Albanian sports with you, as you cannot rent it. Some of the tours are organized in the Albanian Alps. Areas such as Theth, Bogë, and Vermosh specialize in these tours. Another bicycle tour is one that crosses the shores of Lake Shkodër. You can find maps of these tours, developed by the Universities of Shkodra and Podgorica, online.

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Cave Exploration

Limestone, a highly soluble rock, is plentiful throughout Albania. At various locations, water has dissolved the limestone into enchanting caves. In Shkodra alone there are 35 of these caves, including the cave of Zhylë, Juban, Muriq, Pusi, and the beer circles. A cave of special tourist interest is the cave of Pëllumbasi, or the “Black Cave.” it is located southeast of Tirana. Another cave of interest is the Pirrogoshi cave. It is the largest in Albania, located in Skrapar. Other caves to note are Cave Neziri, Cave of Lek Pete in Kurvelesh, and the cave of Treni in Devoll.


Albania offers great opportunities to trek through gorgeous mountains. Check out the “Trekking of Cika” program. It follows the valley of Dukat, Cika mountain range, and Kurveleshi zone, ending at the Ionian coast. Some of the most suitable areas for trekking are in the Albanian Alps. Vermosh, Theth, Razëm, Bog, Valbona, and Tomori Mountain are excellent places to start.

Also look into Vithkuqi, Voskopoja, and Drenova in Korça District. Guri i Kamjes in Pogradec, Kurvelesh, and the Drino valley in the area of Dropulli are beautiful as well.

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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the recent Albanian sports. Gjipe, found in southern Albania, has become the hub of rock-climbing activity in Albania. The spectacular landscape just adds to the experience. The beach and canyon of Gjipe can be found between the beaches of Dhermi and Jala. In cooperation with Globo Alpin, Albania Adventure has created more than 70 rock climbing itineraries. It is a tourist attraction frequented by climbers from all around the world.

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Snowshoeing is the ideal means of walking across snow beds, forests, and hills in Albania during the winter months. Previous snowshoeing experience is not required, so this is one of the perfect Albanian sports to enjoy with family and friends who have little or no outdoor sporting experience. The wondrous snowy sights will undoubtedly remain in your hearts for years to come.

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Ski Touring

Winter ski touring is relatively one of the new Albanian sports. The virgin mountainous territory of the Valbona Valley entices the eye and spirit of natural beauty, while its ski slopes offer an adventure beyond imagination. Experience and technical preparation are essential for ski touring in Albania. 

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Albania offers one of the most perfect territories in the Balkans to perform one of the most awesome Albanian sports. The magnificent views change constantly within our small country. By renting 4×4 vehicles, you can explore roads which can hardly be seen. The vehicles are modified to be driven in rough terrain. This adventure runs through fields, rivers and mountains which are otherwise unreachable.

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Hydro Speeding

Be surrounded by nature and challenge yourself with hydro speeding! Ride the wild Vjosa River and understand the extraordinary power of water. Experience the adrenaline of plunging through white water! During calm moments, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding valley and tall mountain ranges. Hydro speed is a recent recreational sport brought to Albania by the Albanian Rafting Group.

Hydrospeed is a low difficulty activity and does not require much strength. All you need to do is follow the flow of the river and the instructions of the professional guide. He will teach you basic maneuvers to safely go downriver. It is recommended for people who have a good relationship with water and is well suited even for the most hesitant, with the supervision of the professional guides.

Scuba Diving

This is an activity suitable for those who love the underwater world.  Numerous caves and shipwrecks, found along the Albanian coast, offer a diverse underwater exploration. Underwater sports centers are located everywhere from Vlora to Saranda. Start your scuba adventure at one of these centers. Try not to leave Albania without diving at least once. Your first scuba diving excursion will, certainly, not be your last!


An amazing way of taking in the Albanian sea is by kayak. By following an Albanian professional kayak guide, you will traverse beaches, bays, and caves which cannot be reached by land. The two-seat professional kayaks are ideal for sea exploration, and are equipped with spacious barrels to store all necessary equipment for the duration of this activity.

Standup Paddleboarding
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For an experience different than kayaking, enjoy this 16 foot giant-inflatable board that can carry up to 8 passengers.  All you have to do is stand, paddle, and have the time of your life! This fun-packed, high energy activity is ideal for team building or a group of friends. This trip is made for good times and some big laughs! Paddle into the waves or explore our stunning coastline, caves, and virgin beaches. No matter whether you are an experienced water person or a beginner, this trip will give you lasting memories.


Many water sports like rafting are in attractive valleys which have numerous rivers and streams. the upper valleys of Osum are particularly suited for Albanian sports like this. The rafting route includes the wonderful canyons of Osumi. Another route is the one that crosses the bridge area of the Dashi, Lengaricës canyon in the river. Other regions of interest include Devoll valley in the south, Valbona Shala Valleys in Albanian Alps, and Tujanit in the Tirana River.

Dajti Adventure Park

This park is for all ages. For children up to 7 years old there are easy games and trails. Neither climbing experience nor fitness level necessary. It is a place to have fun, test your courage, and overcome your own fears while enjoying the beautiful nature in the forest.

The difficulty level starts at a low level “yellow trail” and progresses to a very challenging level or “red trail”.  Kids are the ones who love and enjoy Adventure Parks the most. In a park, they can act independently, try and fail and try again, and overcome their own fears without any risk. The staff of the Dajti Adventure Park is very attentive and helpful. Each path finishes with an epic zip line.


Mini-Golf is the best of these “Albanian Sports” to do with children. Dajti Mini Golf is the only place to play mini-golf in Tirana. You can find this mini golf field up in the fresh air of Dajti Mountain. The Mini Golf Field was opened in October 2018, one year after the opening of Dajti Adventure Park. The track has 18 holes, both for adults and children.

Hot Air Ballooning

Experience a 1 hour 30 minute trip by Hot Air Balloon in Tirana. A trip like this is a remarkable experience, and seeing Tirana from a hot air balloon is outstanding. Hot Air Balloon Albania is the only company that makes trips with balloons in Albania. Not a sport but one of the most amazing Albanian sports.

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The coast, lakes and rivers of Albania are perfect for fishing. This is one of the Albanian sports that doubles as a source of income for many inhabitants on the coast.

The mountain areas that are ideal for fishing are in the Valbona River Valley, the Thethi stream (where you can find the marble trout), and the upper valley of Vjosa. The mouths of the rivers Vjosë, Seman, Mat, and Drin, among others, are excellent for sport fishing. Another enjoyable activity is lagoon fishing, especially in the lagoon of Karavasta, Narta, and Kune-Vain.


This aeronautic sport goes back to 1990. Albania’s landscape offers many opportunities for these kinds of sports due to its suitable topographic conditions. The best spot for paragliding Llogora, near Vlora. Here, the wind direction is favorable and the topography is perfect. Llogara hosts many international paratrooper meetings. Besides Llogara, other suitable locations for this sport are Morava, Dajti, and Taraboshi. This is one of the Albanian sports that you need to try when in Albania.

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