Why would you rent a bike in Tirana, you ask? Bear with me.


Tirana is the capital of Albania and also the main economic and cultural center of the country. As such, it has a lot to offer. Walk around the Scanderbeg Square, visit the Clock Tower and Et’hem Bey Mosque dating from the city’s Ottoman past. See the communist funded Opera and Ballet House on the site of the old Ottoman Bazaar. There is so much to explore, including the King’s Palace, National Martyrs Boulevard, Enver Hoxha’s Pyramid, and the neighborhood where the communist leaders lived (now open to the public!). We literally could go on and on.


However, like any city, and especially like any capital city, Tirana is big. If you’re a professional power walker trying to get 30,000 steps a day, then you’ll have no problem. For the rest of us, renting a bike in Tirana would be the perfect solution.



Tirana has an excellent community of safe and secure bike rentals!

Click one of the links below and you can contact directly some of the best bike rental agencies in Tirana:

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Bike Doctor Albania

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