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Albania’s capital, Tirana, is a city that dates back to the Ottoman Empire. It always has had unique food, but in recent years has developed the restaurant scene to match. If you enjoy experiencing culture through food, read on for some of the very best restaurants in Tirana.

Best Restaurants in Tirana


High-class and high-end, Gourmet offers its guests both outdoor and indoor seating choices. It even has a fireplace for the colder winter nights. Gourmet boasts an open kitchen and an international menu based on the ideas its name suggests. Here, you can try more sophisticated dishes. First, try the goat cheese baked in cast iron with Italian Serrano ham and mango jam. Next, sample the tagliatelle with green asparagus, salmon and vodka sauce. Finish off with yogurt mousse, lime and fresh fruit in mint syrup.

Address: Gourmet, Jul Varibova, Tirana, Albania,

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If you want to taste authentic Albanian cuisine, there is only one place to go – Oda. This traditional restaurant is located near the beautiful Pazari I Ri (New bazaar) market. Because of the influx of foreign palettes, this is one of the last places in town where you can eat typical Albanian food. Be sure to try the fërgesë, patëllxhanë te mbushur, and kukurec, just to name a few. The space is small and usually filled with locals who come here to enjoy flavors from their childhood.

Address: Oda, Luigj Gurakuqi, Tirana, Albania 

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à la Santè
A La Sante Tirana Albania

à la Santé is a bit tricky to find (look for it just off the main street, behind the street-facing buildings), but it’s well worth the effort. The menu is small but a lot of thought was put into each dish. The chef prides himself on offering healthy dishes. Our favorite is the truffled quinoa and avocado mango salad topped with fresh grilled salmon.

If it’s available when you’re ordering, be sure to check out the pictured risotto with cuttlefish.

Address: à la Santè, Sami Frashëri, Tirana, Albania

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Umami Restaurant

Founded and run by the well-known Albanian chef Renato Mekolli, Umami is also all about transparency. As you eat, you can see the kitchen and the chefs preparing dinner through three large glass walls. The menu is both rich and simple. Albanian products (especially fish and seafood) are by nature fresh and delicious. Because of this, the chefs’ job is mainly preserving and enhancing their flavor by gently treating them with other ingredients. For example, The salmon sashimi dish is a mix of natural flavors, subtly accented by sesame seeds, soy sauce and cucumber tartar.

Umami is also one of the few restaurants where you can find scallops, the sea delicacy that is so hard to find. Everything they serve here (including the bread and the after-dinner liqueur) is made on-site. We suggest you to end your dinner with a lemon crème dessert, our personal favorite. Because of its huge popularity, be sure to book a table before visiting!

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Sky Club

The Sky Club is the place to go for those who wish to enjoy the best panoramic view of Tirana and its rolling, mountainous surroundings. Located close to the center of the city on the highest floor of Tirana’s Sky Tower, the view is incredible. In addition to its exclusive view of the city, Sky Club also offers a varied menu, with both international and local recipes at reasonable prices. That, combined with the food, makes this restaurant one of the most popular in the Albanian capital. It is easily our most scenic of the best restaurants in Tirana.

Address: Sky Club, Sky Tower, Ibrahim Rugova, Tirana, Albania

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Piazza Piano Bar

Piano Bar Piazza is not only one of the best restaurants in Tirana, but was also one of the first high-end restaurants in the capital of Albania. Its central location, just a few steps from the National History Museum, makes it hard to miss. A stop here is a great choice for those who enjoy fish dishes. Moreover, Piazza Piano Bar offers a classy touch at modest prices, completing its menu with a list of the best local wines.

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Artigiano at Vila
Artigiano Tirana Albania pasta

If you’re craving Italian food be sure to check out Artigiano. While the restaurant is well known for its pizza, it also serves seriously great pasta. In addition, be sure to check out their seafood offerings. According to us, the best food is the roasted octopus with potatoes is perfectly cooked and full of flavor.

Address: Artigiano at Vila, Papa Gjon Pali II 9, Tirana, Albania

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Švejk Beer Garden

Švejk Beer Garden is a coffee and pizza place located close to the city center. It is near Pedonalja e Tiranës street and Ura e Tabakëve (Tanners’ Bridge). It is a huge place and the outdoor area has a nice garden which makes people really enjoy their time there. Švejk Beer Garden is named after the Czech soldier Švejk and offers various Czech beers.

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Vila 100

With an exotic garden filled with lemon trees and banana plants, Vila 100 is a great location to relax after exploring Tirana. This setting is perfect to listen to good music and simply enjoy a cozy and intimate atmosphere. It’s easy to find also, located just a few minutes from the expansive Rinia Park. The menu is based on a fusion of styles and international influences. The food revolves around home-made pastas, such as the signature octopus penne, and grilled meats.

Address: Vila 100, Myslym Shyri, Tirana, Albania

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Padam, part of the Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, is the most elegant of the best restaurants in Tirana. It is located inside an old villa from the 1930s, near the Pyramid, and within 5 minutes from the Blloku district. Its menu offers a high-class experience. In addition to Padam, the chef Fundim Gjepali is also the chef of one of the most famous restaurants in Rome, Antico Arc. He creates culinary masterpieces with the freshest seasonal ingredients. The menu has a great variety of wines from all over the world. Because of the amazing atmosphere, we suggest you come here early to sip a pre-dinner cocktail on the classy veranda before you dine. 

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Bonus information
Kripe Dhe Piper

On the list of the best restaurants in Tirana we must not forget to add the Salt and Pepper one. It is a unique restaurant with great variety of food which is pleasant to see and eat. The prices are affordable and the staff is more than polite.

You can see more about it here.

Era Blloku

Era is one of the best restaurants in Tirana and offers you a traditional setting and food to die for. The first in the unique style of restaurants, the only one in the top quality of the catering service and uncompromising in the delivery service. Era is the company of high standards of service, new ideas and maximum customer care.

You can read more about Era here.