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From Tirana to Himara is an enjoyable trip along the Albanian coastline. However, on this trip, there are many things to do on the way. You can book the attractions we suggest and add some more minutes to your trip from Tirana to Himara. Himara is a small, sunny town located in southern Albania near Saranda. Even taking into account the surrounding villages, the population only comes to around 28,000 people. These villages, as well as the town itself, will offer you some of the best beaches along the Albanian Riviera.

Book with us a transfer and enjoy some history along the way. Make the trip not only about the destination but for the journey as well. From Tirana to Himara will be a trip to remember.

Attractions you can visit on the way:


Himara to Tirana

Visit the Independence town of Albania. Vlora is home to the Albanian Independence, there you can see the Independence Museum, the Independence Monument, and the Bektashi Temple Kuzum Baba. This is a spiritual temple and the highest point in the city from where you can enjoy outstanding views of the beautiful landscape of the Ionian Sea.

Apollonia Archaeological Park

Vlora to Tirana


The archaeological park of an ancient city. Apollonia is located on the banks of the last wild river in Europe, the Vjosa River. The pillars and theater of Apollonia will remind you of the days when Greeks used to believe in Gods and built houses for them. The ancient city is part of the UNESCO heritage list. The site is very well preserved and shows you about the past. Apollonia’s Beauty has attracted many visitors. Considering Apollonia a great and important city of the past. You can see that from the ruins that are almost perfect.

Ardenica Monastery

Vlora to Tirana

The monastery is located on the gorgeous hills of Ardenica. It is one of the most spiritual places you will visit in Albania. Why so remains to be discovered when you are there. It is a hidden jewel and a marvel of Albania’s landmarks.

Durres City


Placed on the Adriatic coast, Durres is a sea city with numerous things to offers to visitors, including great beaches and unique archaeological landmarks, such as the largest amphitheater of the Balkan Peninsula. Its foundation dates back to 627 B.C. when the Corinthians and settlers from Corcyra invaded the Illyrian territory of the Taulants. You can explore the remnants of Albania’s most significant Amphitheatre here, while both the city defenses and forum date back 1500 years. You could also travel inland to see the castle where Albanian national icon Skanderbeg fought off three Ottoman attacks in the 1400s. Blessed with a 10km stretch of beach, Durres is fun and has a charmingly Mediterranean atmosphere once you get off the seafront.

National Park of Karavasta-Divjake

Vlora to Tirana

The National Park of Divjaka-Karavasta is the largest non-coastal park in Albania. It’s a park rich in Flora and Fauna. The park consists of the Lagoon of Karavasta. The lagoon hosts 6,4 % of the Dalmatian Pelicans of Europe’s population. In this bird-watching day tour in the park of Karavasta is good to mention that the park is going to leave you mesmerized. The first time you see it, the park gives you the impression of having jumped in a jungle, an unexplored land, abandoned or forgotten by the people and their destructive deeds. Its first and the only inhabitants are the animals, or better say the waterfowls.

Petrela Castle

Petrela Castle

It lays above the village with the same name, in the hill’s crest. This is a small castle that started to be constructed at the beginning of the XIV century and was finished at the beginning of the XV century from the feudal family of the region, Topiajve. Besides, the castle is a ‘culture monument’. In her corners, the castle has four round towers. The watching dates from 1800 – 1850.

Tourists love it for its beautiful position that sees over the Tirana field. Also in front of the tower, you will find the Kruja Castle. This Castle lays by the International Airport of “Nene Tereza“ in Rinas. Also, in the castle are restaurants and service bars where you can rest and have a good time.

Important Note: For each attraction that adds more time to the transfer the price changes.

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