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Embarking on a Tirana day trip from Durres offers an enriching experience into Albania’s vibrant and evolving capital city. As a significant hotspot in the Balkans, Tirana has undergone rapid development, with its colorful cityscape marking it as one of the most visually engaging European capitals.

Historical Significance of Tirana

The historical transformation of Tirana adds to the intrigue of this day trip from Durres. Once a little-known city, Tirana was declared the capital of Albania by the Congress of Lushnja in 1920. This transition marked a crucial turning point, paving the way for Tirana to become a city of international interest.

A Must-Visit: Scanderbeg Square

One of Tirana’s most captivating attractions is the Scanderbeg Square, situated in the heart of the city. It was named after the national Albanian hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Scanderbeg. This iconic square has been awarded titles such as Best Urban Public Area in 2018 and Best Modern Architecture by the European Union in 2019. A visit to Scanderbeg Square is an absolute must on your Tirana day trip from Durres.

Historical Landmarks: The Clock Tower and Et’hem Bey Mosque

During your Tirana day trip from Durres, the Clock Tower is another must-see attraction. Constructed in 1822 by Et’hem Bey, who also built the mosque, the Clock Tower serves as a historic emblem of Tirana. This landmark has overseen the city’s evolution over centuries and provides fascinating insights into the area’s past.

The Et’hem Bey Mosque, standing strong since the 18th century, is another essential stop on your trip. Despite many religious structures being destroyed during the communist era, the Et’hem Bey Mosque prevailed, preserving its historical beauty for future generations to appreciate.

Delving into Albania’s Past: The National History Museum

The National History Museum of Albania is an essential part of your Tirana day trip from Durres. As the country’s largest museum, it offers a comprehensive look at Albania’s history, from medieval times to the present. Each room houses artifacts showcasing different periods, painting a vivid picture of the nation’s past.

Experiencing the Vibrant City Life

But Tirana isn’t just about history and monuments. This vibrant city offers a palette of experiences, from its charming, colorful architecture to delightful coffee shops and exquisite dining experiences. The recently renovated New Bazaar is another highlight, showcasing the city’s modern revitalization.

Discover the Appeal of Tirana

Tirana day trip from Durres presents a fascinating fusion of history, culture, and modernity, making it a must-do for any traveler. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore Tirana’s multifaceted appeal. Book your day trip today and dive into the captivating narrative of Albania’s capital city.


  • Soak up the amazing views from the Scanderbeg Square
  • Learn the story of the important sites of Tirana
  • See Albania’s corners in the National Museum of Tirana
  • Enjoy the beautiful colors of Tirana


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We meet at 9.30 am the Ferry Terminal in Durres, and we drive towards Tirana.
While driving to Tirana, you will see the beautiful colorful buildings.
First stop, we will stop to see the stunning architecture of the Scanderbeg Square and we will tell you the history of the place
Then you will see the Et’hem Bey mosque and hear about its story
We will see the National History Museum and the what it has to portray and you will have a detailed description of everything.
Afterwards we will walk toward the Bunk’art 2 and see the history of the communism.
Last you will observe the New Bazaar.
Tirana will be your favorite thing in Albania.


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