Tirana Day Tour from Ohrid

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About this tour

Tirana day tour from Ohrid will help you discover one of the most interesting capitals in Europe.

This day tour of Tirana offers you a different insight about the capital of Albania.

Tirana is a city full of energy and adventure.

The more time you spend walking the streets of the city, the more experiences you will stumble upon.

Whether you are visiting Tirana for a week, a weekend, or even for a day tour, you will have a wonderful time in this unique city.

Start the trip by crossing the border from Macedonia and head towards Tirana.

Where you will visit the Scanderbeg Square from where you can see two of the most valuable attractions of Tirana.

Not only at one side of the square is the Et’hem Bej Mosque, which is an ancient jewel of Tirana.

But in the distance you can see the National Museum of History a true monument of culture.

After that you will visit the Bunk’art which is built by the communist dictator Enver Hoxha.

The Bunk’art is a communist nuclear bunker that is converted into a museum that shows how people lived under the communist regime.

And finally you will visit the New Bazaar of Tirana.

We invite you to join this tour with us in discovering one of the most colorful capitals of Europe.



  • Start the trip from Ohrid
  • Visit Tirana & the museums
  • Visit the new bazaar of Tirana
  • Head back to Macedonia


  • Pick up and drop off
  • English speaking guide
  • Transportation
  • Entrance fees
  • Food and drinks
  • What is not mentioned


Stop at the Scanderbeg square
1st: National Museum
The museum has exhibits from the prehistoric times until the recent time. There is displayed a variety of more than 2000 items from the roman times, and modern times, many archeological jewels and clays are available as well to see in the museum.
2nd: Et’hem Bej Mosque: is a place of worship by the Muslim followers, you can have a look of one of the oldest mosques in Albania.
3rd: The nuclear Bunk’art built by communist dictator Enver Hoxha: a dictatorship place, where the walls whisper the horrors of what’s living under pressure is like, a history where the story is not forgotten. Albania is known about it’s past under the dictatorship of Hoxha.
Additional Info:
You MUST confirm that you CAN cross the border (If visa is needed)


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