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Permet Day Trip takes you to visit one of the most famous attractions of Beautiful Albania, the thermal baths located in Bënjë Përmet, is a must-see in a day trip when traveling Albania.

The waters with their beautiful blue color and the warmth are so amazing you will be left speechless. Located near one of the last wild rivers of Albania, river Vjosa these thermal baths are great for your health. Moreover, they are divided into different baths and they offer qualities for the body and face.

Meanwhile, they are completely healthy but probably if you have heart diseases you should consult your doctor beforehand. A stone bridge arcs over the river with beautiful blue and green waters with steam.

Moreover, you are traveling there from the noise of the capital of Albania. And you will get to see amazing mountain ranges. However, that is not all, you will get to see the amazing Gorge of Këlcyra, the fantastic views of the high mountains of Trebeshinë and Nëmërçkë laying on top of each other overlooking the beautiful Vjosa River.

Permet Day Trip with a hint of religion

Moreover, the trip will take you to one of the oldest and prettiest churches in the area, the Saint Paraskevi Church. The St. Paraskevi’s Church rises by the brook on the south side of the city. It is of the basilica type of large size: 22 m long, 16 m wide, and 8 m high. The church consists of 3 naves and it has a system of pumice stones connected with lime mortar and also covered with a double roof with stone beams.

Also, the St. Nicolas Church is located in the historic part of Permet. It has a basilica-style and according to the Codex of the Metropolis of Korça, it was built in 1757. On the west side of its altar, there are three guest houses for the welcome also the accommodation of the believers. Next to St. Nicolas is the church of St. Triada, which was built in 2006. The church of St. Nicolas is surrounded by a courtyard with 7 cypresses and a bell tower.

On this Permet day trip, you are going to discover some of the most beautiful places in Albania

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  • Swimming in the lukewarm or warm waters of the thermal baths
  • Soak up the beauty of the Kelcyra Gorge and Trebeshina and Nemercka mountains
  • See an ancient well preserved church
  • Visit one of the most beautiful corners of Albania


  • Transportation
  • Guide
  • What's not mentioned


We start our journey towards Permeti early in the morning at 8:00 am, the trip takes around 4 hours, and we arrive at the town of flowers where we head towards the Saint’s Mary Church. The church is protected and well preserved. It dates back to XVIII, the trip towards the church of Leusa will be by foot as it’s only 30 min hike. Then we take a swim in the thermal baths that offer outstanding beauty and have curative effects. After that our day is over and we will drive back to Tirana.
What to bring with you: Well get ready for a swim, as there are not many options to change in the way wear a swimwear.


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