Day Trip to Albania from Budva

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Travel on a day trip from Budva to Albania’s beautiful capital, Tirana. Visit the colorful city of Tirana.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful views of the city. Visit the National History Museum of Albania. Meanwhile there, learn about Albania’s history and tradition.

Get to know the communist part of Tirana by visiting the Bunk’art 2. Find yourself in the middle of Scanderbeg Square from where you can see the Et’hem Bey mosque. Located in the heart of Tirana from where you can see 2 of the most important Landmarks of Tirana. On the square is located the Scanderbeg Monument, which is the National Albanian Hero Gjergj Kastrioti and his horse.

The monument is part of the heart of Tirana for more than 50 years ago. The square has got its name from the monument. The square is made up of a side with Tiles that come from every corner of Albania and in them, it’s engraved the city or town it comes from.

Meanwhile, the Et’hem Bey Mosque is one of the oldest buildings in Tirana that dates back to 1821. Built during the Ottoman invasion, the mosque is of outstanding beauty.

Even though, Tirana is one of the most modern as well as antique cities in the Balkans. It is known for its street art, which dominates through every corner of the city.

Day Trip to Albania from Budva

Also, the colorful buildings, tasty food, beautiful coffee shops, and a not so ancient pyramid dominate the city. The state opened the pyramid in 1988 as the Museum of Enver Hoxha who died three years earlier. Enver Hoxha was the dictator of Albania.

His daughter and her husband designed the structure of the pyramid. After that, the state used the pyramid as a conference center and later on as a fair center. Since 2001 Albanian televisions use a part of the pyramid and the other part of the pyramid is abandoned. With the new political events in Albania, the pyramid was in danger of being demolished but people were against it and signed a petition where it was decided it will not be demolished but refurbished.

Tirana will leave you breathless.

Take a break from Montenegro and travel in a comfortable vehicle to see beautiful Albania. Do not miss this chance. Book now this day trip to Albania from Budva.


  • Visit the colorful capital of Albania
  • See the terrors of communism in Bunk’art 2
  • Discover the history of the Et’hem Bej Mosque
  • Get to know the Scanderbeg Square


  • English Speaking Guide
  • Transportation from Budva to Tirana (round)
  • Entrance Fees
  • What's not mentioned above


We pick you up at your hotel 8:00 am (Note: Tell us your location beforehand) and we travel in a comfortable vehicle towards Tirana.

First stop will be at the Scanderbeg Square from where you can see the two beautiful attractions of Tirana.

We will tell you the history of the Scanderbeg Square, the history of the Et’hem Bey mosque. Both stories to not forget as they have a significant importance in the history of Albania.

Second, we are going to visit the National History Museum of Albania, one jewel that has a lot of history in it.

Also, in the museum there are a lot of corners in which you will see clearly the history of Albania.

After, we will go to the Bunk’art which represents very well the communist years of Albania, how people lived and what really happened during the Hoxha regime.

Albania is a place to not forget, as you will want to know more about the corners of this historic country.

NOTE: You will need your passports as there is a border between Albania and Montenegro.


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